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New David Thompson Restaurant Aksorn Opens in Bangkok’s Hip Historic Charoenkrung

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The new David Thompson restaurant Aksorn is open in Bangkok’s hip historic Charoenkrung neighbourhood. I caught up with the Thailand-based Australian-born Thai chef yesterday to find out what it’s like to open a restaurant in Bangkok during a global pandemic, what he’s cooking, and how he’s enjoying clearing tables. Thailand-based Australian chef David Thompson opened ...

Nom Banh Chok, The Fermented Rice Noodle Dish That Is Cambodia in a Bowl

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Nom banh chok is a quintessential Cambodian breakfast noodle dish beloved by locals that is essentially ‘Cambodia in a bowl’. It’s also the name of the lightly fermented rice noodles, made fresh daily by artisanal noodlemakers and sold at local markets, that are the central component of the dish. Nom banh chok is Cambodia’s national ...

Lum Orng Farm to Table Restaurant and Siem Reap’s Growing Green Movement

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Lum Orng farm to table restaurant has quickly become one of Siem Reap’s best restaurants, serving deliciously imaginative Cambodian food based on just-picked produce and seasonal ingredients. It is part of a flourishing green movement across the region, of which Siem Reap is leading the way. Siem Reap restaurants have been groundbreaking when it comes ...