Jan 10

Grantourismo Travel Blogging Competition: January

Lara setting the table for a dinner party, Puglia, Italy.

For our eleventh contest in our yearlong series of monthly Grantourismo HomeAway Holiday-Rentals travel blogging competitions we want you to create a blog post on the theme of slowing down and settling in for a while.

Your post should consist of one (1) evocative photograph* and 250 inspiring words* that communicate the beauty of slowing down and settling into a place for a while - whether it’s in a holiday rental, a camper-van, staying with family or friends, or by some other means. Your post should be about the longest experience you have had in a place – if you normally only spend a few days in a place when you travel, then that might be two weeks OR if you tend to take a month-long vacation, maybe you took a year off. Your post should reflect how the experience of slowing down and staying a while touched or transformed you or your ideas about travel.

It’s important that your story and photograph are your own, they must be original, and they should not have been published in print or on websites other than your own. *Make sure you do not submit more than one (1) photo and no more than 250 words.

FIRST PRIZE A stay at a HomeAway Holiday-Rentals property of your choice anywhere in the world valued at UK£500/US$750, a Viator tour voucher worth £100/US$150, and a Trourist Moleskine travel notebook.

SECOND PRIZE A Context tour voucher worth US$100, a private half-day tour with a local guide in a destination of your choice anywhere in the world from Our Explorer, and a Trourist Moleskine travel notebook.

THIRD PRIZE an annual subscription to AFAR magazine and a Trourist Moleskine travel notebook.

The winning entry of our January competition will feature on GrantourismoHomeAway UK’s Facebook page, and we will tweet your success on Twitter.

To be eligible to enter
Entry submission is by posting and linking and communication is through the Comments below and Twitter, which means:
1. You must have your own blog/site, contribute to a group site, or post your blog to sites like www.matadortravel.comwww.bootsnall.com,
2. You need to subscribe to Grantourismo via email/RSS, join our community on Google Friend Connect and join HomeAway Holiday Rental’s Facebook page to enter.
3. Follow @Gran_tourismo and @HomeAwayUK on Twitter, then alert us on Twitter that you’re following us for the #GrantourismoComp and we will follow you back.

How to enter
1. Upload your original entry to your blog before the end of 31 January. We’ll visit your site to read your post, tweet about your entry, and other entrants might visit your blog for inspiration.
2. Identify at the end of your post that “This post has been entered into the Grantourismo HomeAway Holiday-Rentals travel blogging competition” and link to this post’s URL (so your entry appears in the Trackbacks below) and www.homeaway.co.uk. Tag the post with ‘Grantourismo’ and ‘HomeAway Holiday-Rentals’ so the judges can easily search for it if Trackbacks don’t work.
3. Leave your name and link to your post in the Comments – this serves as your submission.
4. Use Twitter to tweet us @Gran_tourismo and @HomeAwayUK to tell us your post is up, using#GrantourismoComp in your tweet. This also makes it easy to find your entry.

Winning Entries
1.We will notify winners by Twitter or email during the first days of February.
2.The first prize winner may be required to email us a high-res photo and text for publishing.
3.The winning entry will be posted here early February.

For more details, read the fine print below. Any questions, pop them in the Comments.

The Fine Print – Terms and Conditions
1. Grantourismo monthly competitions are open to anyone aged 18 years or over, except anyone professionally associated with this competition or the sponsors.
2. All information detailing how to enter the competition forms part of these terms and conditions. It is a condition of entry that all rules are accepted as final and that the competitor agrees to abide by these rules. Submission of an entry will be taken to mean acceptance of these terms and conditions.
3. Submissions must be original, should not have been published before, should not appear on other blogs or websites, and should not infringe any copyrights.
4. Winners will be chosen by a judging panel consisting of HomeAway Holiday-Rentals staff; Scott McNeeley, Editor of the Viator blog; Context Travel staff; and Lara Dunston and Terence Carter. Judges decisions are final. The criteria used will include creativity, originality, quality of writing and photography, ability to engage an audience, and ability to inspire.
5. HomeAway Holiday-Rentals is offering a prize of £500/US$750 towards a stay in one of their properties listed on the HomeAway Holiday-Rentals website. The stay must be a minimum of 2 nights, although it can be longer. The winner must use http://www.homeaway.co.uk/ to book the property. HomeAway Holiday-Rentals will release the funds to the property owner and transfer the remainder to the winner to be used toward the trip.
6. Winners will be required to blog about their prizes, link back to GrantourismoHomeAway Holiday-Rentals, and the sponsor of the prize they’ve won, and tweet about the post, using #GrantourismoComp. We’ll visit your post and tweet about it.
7.Property stays and tours must be used within 12 months of notification.
8. While copyright of all submissions to the Competition remains with the entrants, winning entrants give permission to Grantourismo, HomeAway Holiday-Rentals, and the sponsors to feature the winning entries on their websites, blogs, or in any publications or promotional materials connected to this Competition.


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  1. Lisa Bergren

    Here’s my entry into this month’s contest–the Luxury of Time (on the lake): http://theworldiscalling.com/2011/01/the-luxury-of-time/

    Suddenly hungering for Summer! As always, thanks for the inspiration. LTB

    1. lara dunston

      Wonderful entry, Lisa, you capture the essence of the experience splendidly! Best of luck!

  2. Keith

    My entry for the January competition at http://travelrat.wordpress.com/2011/01/16/settling-in/

    1. lara dunston

      A fine entry – shows how easier it can sometimes be to ‘settle in’ ‘away’ than it can be ‘at home’. Good luck, Keith!

  3. Jonnyontheroad

    The Wisdom of The Mistake

    “Success is sweetest when you struggle a bit to get there.”

    It’s funny how the things that annoy you later become the things you miss the most.

  4. Wandering Educators

    here’s mine – i’ve got SUCH fond memories.

    Early Mornings in Co Kerry, ireland


  5. Shannon

    Our Nuestra Casa: Blog post on Wanderlust: Two Who Travel, regarding settling in and making ourselves at home abroad in Denia, Spain:


  6. Katy Stewart

    Here’s my entry for the January competition – Falling in love with Oviedo.


  7. Karla Castle

    Here’s our entry for the January contest.

    No Agenda Travel

    1. Terence Carter

      Thanks! We’ll check it out ASAP.

  8. Wendy Miller

    With 2 days to spare! My post is here:


  9. Johanna Bradley

    Hi again! Done everything bar the tweeting, which I’m going to next. Still getting the copyright message so can’t put link here (excuse my dodgy grasp of technology!)
    Love the trulli photo and must revisit that bit of your site as I missed it first time around. Can’t wait for you to get to Porto- it’s on my hitlist so I’ll be looking for tips.

    1. Johanna Bradley

      Oops sorry- I’m Johanna Bradley and my entry is A Taste for Tavira. See foregoing comment

  10. Carolyn Emmett

    This is (I hope) the link to my entry to this month’s competition. Also tweeted it a week or so ago, but don’t know if it worked.

    1. Lara Dunston

      Thanks all for the entries. Our internet access is spotty at the moment so we’ll get to your blogs & take a look as soon as we can! :)

  11. James Glazebrook

    Hi there, here’s my (rather late!) entry: http://www.uberlin.co.uk/up-in-the-air/

  12. Laurel Robbins

    Here’s my entry: Slowing Down in Stuttgart

    Good luck everyone!

  13. Emma Philpott

    Here’s my entry for the January competition:

    Supporting Istanbul Football


  14. Nicole

    Hi Lara and Terrence!
    Here’s my entry:


  15. Suzanne

    Please find my entry, In Russian’s shoes, here:


    1. Terence Carter

      Yay! Great to have you on board. Lovely post.

  16. Nikki Hodgson

    What is it about travel writers or is it just writers in general? It doesn’t feel right unless it’s under the wire! ;)

    Finding Home in France

    1. Terence Carter

      LOL. You are so right! We are used to it now with the competition. Good luck!

  17. Ashley

    This is Ashley and here is my link to my post!


    1. laradunston

      Thanks for your entries everyone!

      As we are flat out busy at a wine tourism conference at the moment, and won’t have time to judge the contest, we have decided to extend the January Competition until the end of the week.

  18. pam || @nerdseyeview

    Last call, right? Right. Here you go.


  19. pam || @nerdseyeview

    Oops. I prolly need to disqualify myself, I’m 9 hours late. That’s no good. No siree. My own damn fault.

    1. Terence Carter

      Pan, we just extended it anyway – you’re fine.

    2. pam || @nerdseyeview

      Wow! Can’t believe my luck! I was kicking myself around the block after I realized it was Feb 1! Woot.


  20. Tiffany Weber-Stahlbaum

    oops… I tweeted it, but almost forgot to put it here. Last minute. http://www.tiffanyweber.com/2011/02/shifting-paradigms.html

    1. Lara Dunston

      Thank you to everyone who entered our January competition – there were so many great entries!

      We’ve announced the winners of the competition here: http://grantourismotravels.com/2011/02/14/grantourismo-travel-blogging-competition-january-winners/

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