Jun 06

Grantourismo Travel Blogging Competition: June

We’re excited to announce the fourth contest in our yearlong series of monthly Grantourismo travel blogging competitions. Once again, we’re inviting you to create an inspiring blog post comprised of one (1) stunning photograph* that captures your perfect vista and 250 words* that describe why this particular view touched you.

Your perfect vista could be a landscape, cityscape or streetscape – it could be a conventionally beautiful view, such as a sublime beach or it could even be a chaotic street or a ramshackle village that might not appeal to everyone. In your 250 words you need to tell us why the scene stirred your emotions, describe the moment you first saw the view, and why that image remains special to you.

If your post also touches on some of our other themes, and motivates people to explore more authentic and enriching ways to travel, get beneath the skin of a place when they travel, learn to live like locals, and travel more slowly and more sustainably, then that’s great too.

It’s important that your story and photograph must be your own, they must be original, they should derive from a firsthand travel experience you’ve had, and they should not have been published elsewhere. *Make sure you do not submit more than 250 words and you only post one (1) photograph, otherwise your entry will be disqualified.

FIRST PRIZES A stay at a HomeAway Holiday-Rentals property of your choice anywhere in the world valued at UK£500/US$750, a Context tour voucher worth US$100, and an Olympus FE-4040 compact camera worth £125/US$190.

SECOND PRIZE a Viator tour voucher worth £100/US$150 and a private half-day tour with a local guide in a destination of your choice anywhere in the world from Our Explorer.

THIRD PRIZE an annual subscription to AFAR magazine.

The winning entry will be featured on Grantourismo, HomeAway UK’s Facebook page, and we, HomeAwayUK, Viator and Context will tweet your success on Twitter.

To be eligible to enter
Entry submission is by posting and linking, and communication is through the Comments below and by Twitter, which means:

1. You must have your own blog or website, be a contributor to a group blogging site, or post to a travel site such as www.matadortravel.com, www.bootsnall.com, www.travellerspoint.com, www.travelpod.com, etc.
2. You need to subscribe to Grantourismo via email/RSS, join our community on Google Friend Connect (sign up from http://grantourismotravels.com/ not from this post’s URL as it will not work); and join HomeAway Holiday Rental’s Facebook page to enter.
3. You need to follow @Gran_tourismo and @HomeAwayUK on Twitter, then alert us on Twitter that you’re following us for the #GrantourismoComp and we will follow you back.

How to enter
1. Upload your original entry to your blog before end of 28 June. The sooner you do it the better it is for you, because we’ll visit your site to read your post, tweet about the entries, and other entrants will also visit your blog for inspiration.

2. Identify at the beginning or end of your post that “This post has been entered into the Grantourismo and HomeAway Holiday-Rentals travel blogging competition” and link to this post (so your entry appears in the Trackbacks below) and www.homeaway.co.uk. Tag the post with ‘Grantourismo’ and ‘HomeAway Holiday-Rentals’ so we and others can easily search for it.
3. Leave your name and link to your post in the Comments below – this serves as your submission. If there is no obvious way for us to contact you to notify you if you’ve won, then please leave your Twitter address below.
4. Tweet us on Twitter @Gran_tourismo and @HomeAwayUK to tell us your post is up, using #GrantourismoComp in your tweet, which makes it easy for others to find your entry also.
5. Encourage your blog readers and followers on Twitter to engage and re-tweet your entry post. We’re keen to hear their thoughts.

Winning Entries
1.We will notify winners by Twitter or email by 30 June.
2.Winners will be required to email us their photograph and blog post for publishing.
3.The winning entry will be posted on or soon after 1 July.

For more details, read the fine print below. If you have any questions, pop them in the Comments below.

The Fine Print – Terms and Conditions
1. Grantourismo monthly competitions are open to anyone aged 18 years or over except anyone professionally associated with this competition or the sponsors.
2. All information detailing how to enter the competitions forms part of these terms and conditions. It is a condition of entry that all rules are accepted as final and that the competitor agrees to abide by these rules. Submission of an entry will be taken to mean acceptance of these terms and conditions.
3. Submissions must be original, should not have been published before, should not appear on other blogs or websites, and should not infringe any copyrights.
4. Winners will be chosen by a judging panel consisting of HomeAway Holiday-Rentals staff; Scott McNeeley, Editor of the Viator blog; Context Travel staff; and Lara Dunston and Terence Carter. Judges decisions are final. The criteria used will include creativity, originality and quality of writing and photography, ability to engage an audience, and ability to inspire.
5. HomeAway Holiday-Rentals is offering a prize of £500/US$750 towards a stay in one of their properties listed on the HomeAway Holiday-Rentals website. The stay must be a minimum of 2 nights, although can be longer. The winner must use http://www.homeaway.co.uk/ to book the property. HomeAway Holiday-Rentals will release the funds to the property owner and transfer the remainder to the winner to be used toward the trip.
6. Winners will be required to write about their prizes on their blogs, link back to Grantourismo, HomeAway Holiday-Rentals, and the prize sponsor(s) above, and tweet about the post, using #GrantourismoComp.
7.Property stays and tours must be used within 12 months of notification.
8. While copyright of all submissions to the Competition remains with the entrants, winning entrant grants worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual licence to Grantourismo, HomeAway Holiday-Rentals and the sponsors to feature the winning entries on their websites, blogs, or in any publications or promotional materials connected to this Competition.


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  1. Keith Kellett

    My June comp entry up at http://travelrat.wordpress.com/2010/06/08/gredos-gate … a difficult choice to make!

    1. Lara Dunston

      Keith! Congratulations on being the first to enter this month’s comp! We should have a prize for that… ;)

  2. Lauren Williams


    Tweet: LaurenAmeliaW

    1. Lara Dunston

      Nice to see you here, Lauren! Thanks for entering the comp! Good luck!

  3. Lisa Bergren

    Okay, I swear I’ll write about someplace OTHER than Italia for one of these contests…You have to quit asking for posts that scream ITALY to me!!! Here’s the link: http://theworldiscalling.com/2010/06/a-dream-realized/

    1. Lara Dunston

      Maybe we should add a special rule for you next time, forbidding Lisa from entering anything on Italy – a little challenge for you! :)

    2. Lisa Bergren

      That would just be mean and cruel. But a girl can try…

  4. Laura Nazimiec

    My entry for June is posted at http://www.gomexicoguide.com/2010/06/capturing-the-colors-of-ecuador/

    twitter @lauranazimiec

    1. Lara Dunston

      Thanks for your entry, Laura!

  5. Hannah

    Glad to be back amongst the entered here at GranTourismo:


    1. Lara Dunston

      Hi Hannah – thanks for entering our comp – good luck!

  6. Leverne

    Hi there love the idea of what you guys are doing! as first time contributor question- Is more than one entry per month allowed?

    1. Terence Carter

      Greetings, you can enter as many times as you want!

  7. Leverne


    This was fun! Enjoy it!

    1. Lara Dunston

      Thanks for entering our competition – we’ll go take a look! Best of luck!

    2. Leverne

      Thank you for the comments received then…eventually! internet gremlins…. and a bit of a blonde moment….:)

  8. Matt

    Here is my perfect vista, as realized in a single perfect travel experience.


    1. Lara Dunston

      Hi Matt – thanks for your entry! We’ll go check it out now. Good luck!

  9. Tiffany Weber-Stahlbaum

    Too many visitas… but this one is personal.


    1. Lara Dunston

      Thanks for your entry, Tiffany!

  10. Sophie

    Here’s my perfect vista http://www.sophiesworld.net/most-haunting-in-the-pacific/

    Happy to join again,

    1. Lara Dunston

      Hi Sophie – thanks for your entry! We’ll go check it out now. Good luck!

  11. Lisa Corcoran

    My perfect vista: ‘Over The Rooftops’

    Unfortunately it has to have me in it as well!

    1. Lara Dunston

      Hey Lisa – good to see your entry! Thanks! Best of luck!

    1. Lara Dunston

      Hi Heather! Thanks for your entry! Good luck!

  12. Kristen

    Excited to present my first entry in your contest — hope you enjoy!



    1. Lara Dunston

      Hello Kristen – thanks for entering! Best of luck!

    1. Lara Dunston

      Hello Neha – thanks so much for your post! Good luck with it!

  13. Akila

    Our perfect vista on a top of a New Zealand mountain is up. I’m having fun looking at all these lovely pictures this month.

    1. Lara Dunston

      Thanks, Akila! There are some amazing pics, aren’t there? Great to see you here again!

  14. Stephen Chapman

    Posted up an entry this month…

    My perfect vista

    Cathedral Cove, New Zealand.

    1. Lara Dunston

      New Zealand, hey?! Good to see you here! Thanks for entering!

  15. TheLuxPod

    My perfect vista in Liepaja, Latvia from the LuxLoft terrace is posted, picture taken this morning. Greetings from the sunny Baltic Coast. Come and join us for the Baltic Beach Party in July! Best wishes, Judith http://web.me.com/luxpod/TheLuxPod/Blog/Blog.html

    1. Lara Dunston

      Well hello Judith! Nice to see you here, however, sadly, HomeAway Holiday Rentals property owners are prohibited from entering – conflict of interest and all. Sorry about that, but lovely to see you!

  16. Keith

    My first entry into your contests: http://www.traveling-savage.com/2010/06/26/the-perfect-vista-glen-coe/

    1. Lara Dunston

      Hi Keith – thanks for your entry! I’ll go check it out now! Best, Lara

  17. Leverne

    Something closer to the heart and to home….


    1. Lara Dunston

      Always nice to see! Thanks for entering!

  18. Sean

    My perfect vista is Vigo, Spain…

    1. Lara Dunston

      Thanks for your entry, guys! Good luck!

  19. Lola P.

    Hi Grantourismo! Here’s my entry for the June contest!


    1. Lara Dunston

      Thanks for entering, Lola – best of luck with it!

  20. Lindsey

    Very excited to submit my first piece for your contests! I do hope it speaks to the judges!

    “The Nostalgic Pull of the Perfect Vista”




    1. Lara Dunston

      Hi Lindsey – and we’re very excited to get your entry! Merci!

  21. Globetrooper Todd

    Hi Lara, I’ve just posted my entry and sent a tweet to the comp channel. All the best, Todd

    Todd’s Perfect Vista

    1. Lara Dunston

      Hey there Todd – thanks for submitting an entry – much appreciated! good luck!

  22. Lauren

    My perfect vista is Tulum, Mexico. At first it felt tricky to summarize the power of this experience in 250 words. But the more I edited out words, the more the photo seemed to speak for me…


    1. Lara Dunston

      Wow! We haven’t been to Tulum in around 17 years! But loved it then! Thanks for your entry, Lauren!

  23. Kristin

    Please find my June entry over at MidLeap.


  24. Kate

    Here’s my entry: http://talesofabritabroad.blogspot.com/2010/06/my-perfect-vista-city-of-seville.html

    My twitter name is katebritabroad


  25. Leverne

    Good Luck everybody! Enjoyed reading all the magnificent vistas, want to get my traveling shoes on …soon!

    1. Lara Dunston

      Thanks for your entries, everyone! This competition is closed now.

      We’ll have the results out ASAP! And we’ll release the details for the July comp in a few days.

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