Best Curry Recipes from Southeast Asia for When You Need Spice in Your Life

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Our best curry recipes from Southeast Asia include a rich Cambodian Saraman curry and its Thai cousin beef Massaman curry to a more gently-spiced steamed Cambodian fish curry called amok trei and the decadent pork belly curry, Gaeng hang lay moo from Northern Thailand, and Gaeng gari gai, a chicken curry recipe from Southern Thailand. [...]

Best Asian Noodle Recipes to Satisfy Your Comfort Food Cravings

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Our best Asian noodle recipes include recipes for an array of Southeast Asian noodle soups, and even Asian stir-fry noodles, from a spice-laden Singapore curry laksa and a creamy coconut-based Chiang Mai khao soi gai to a Lao khao soi with a ragu Bolognese-like sauce and Indonesia’s chicken soup for the soul, soto ayam. We’ve [...]

Dalat Street Food Tour – A Taste of Dalat Style Vietnamese Street Food

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A Dalat street food tour is a must when you visit Vietnam’s southern Central Highlands city. Famed for its fertile volcanic soil, beautiful fresh local produce, and coffee, tea, and wine, the former French colonial hill station is a fantastic foodie destination, and its street food is a real highlight. Don’t even think about doing [...]

Vietnamese Deep Fried Spring Rolls Recipe – Classic Nem Rán Recipe

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Our Vietnamese deep fried spring rolls recipe for nem ran as they're known in Hanoi and Northern Vietnam is a classic and it's easy to make. Crunchy and chewy with a bubbly surface, these Hanoi-style fried spring rolls are eaten with bun cha or wrapped in lettuce and fresh herbs. This Vietnamese deep fried spring rolls [...]

Beef Lok Lak Recipe – A Modern Take on Traditional Cambodian Pepper Beef

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This Beef Lok Lak recipe delivers a delicious traditional Cambodian pepper beef dish, made with Kampot pepper. This local favourite, which for many Cambodians is their national dish, was one of the inspirations for my creative Cambodian canapés. This beef lok lak recipe is for another local favourite that served as inspiration for one of the creative Cambodian [...]

Banh Mi Op La Recipe — Hoi An Style Banh Mi with Omelette

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This Banh Mi Op La recipe, which is essentially a banh mi or Vietnamese sandwich with omelette, is a great breakfast or brunch dish combining the Southeast Asian classic breakfast of grilled pork with the addition of an omelette all wrapped up in a baguette. We had been going to our favourite banh mi shop, [...]

Hoi An Chilli Sauce – The Illustrious Ot Tuong Trieu Phat

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Hoi An chilli sauce or Hội An tương ớt is an indispensable condiment in Central Vietnam's UNESCO World Heritage listed town, used on Hoi An specialties, from the charming port's legendary cao lau noodles to its famous banh mi Vietnamese sandwich. Hoi An Chilli Sauce – The Illustrious Hoi An Tuong Ot Trieu Phat Found amongst the ubiquitous condiments in [...]

Banh Mi Recipe — How to Make Hoi An’s Best Vietnamese Sandwich

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Banh Mi recipe? Who needs a recipe to make a Vietnamese sandwich? Well, this isn't any old sandwich, it's Hoi An's best bánh mì, which we watched being made almost every day for three months when we lived there a few years ago. This Vietnamese banh mi recipe comes straight from the source, Bánh Mì Phuong, [...]

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