Weekend Oats: Savouring Porridge in Scotland

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There’s no dish that reminds me more of my childhood than porridge. This humble and much-maligned breakfast of oats, soaked and cooked in milk or water, was a winter favourite for my family growing up in Australia. While we had no ties to Scotland, where porridge is probably the country's most quintessential dish after haggis, [...]

Our Apartment rental in Berlin

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We had a distinct feeling of déjà vu when we arrived at our apartment rental in Berlin in Prenslauer Berg. It was our Krakow arrival all over again. We’d just spent another ten hours on a train – the heating and electricity off for part of the trip – and we were tired and a [...]

Our Kraków Holiday Rental Apartment

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I have to admit that it was a hard slog up five floors of stairs to our Kraków holiday rental apartment. Perhaps it was the 6am wake-up after just a few hours sleep, combined with the 10.5-hour train ride from Vienna, but I was exhausted, I was battling a cold, and because of the stairs, [...]

Scrambled Eggs with Truffles Recipe

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Winter in Europe... heavy overcoats, crunchy snow, rosy cheeks, cute kids being pulled along on sleds by their parents, snowboarding, piping hot glühwein... and truffles. Yes, truffles. Having bought a fresh truffle at the Naschmarkt in Vienna, one of the dishes I knew I had to make was truffles with scrambled eggs. Eggs and risotto [...]

European Winter Treat in Vienna: Fresh Black Winter Truffles

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Ever since I first tried truffles in a restaurant in Zurich, I get excited when the Northern Hemisphere winter comes around and I can look forward to fresh black winter truffles. Many years ago, when I worked in publishing in Sydney, my right-hand-man had a tempestuous relationship with his girlfriend who was head chef for one [...]

Our Home Away from Home in Vienna

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Asian supermarkets, a mouth-watering gourmet market, vintage clothes shops, retro furniture stores, smoky bars, and pool halls… the 5th district location of our latest ‘home away from home’ in Vienna is about as far removed as you can get from Sacher tortes, Spanish dancing horses, and the Vienna Boy’s Choir, yet, if that’s what we [...]

Our Holiday Rental, Zell am See, Austria

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Choosing a ski destination in Central Europe that was affordable and had reliable snow early in the season proved to be one of our trickiest decisions to make when planning our grand tour. We wanted accommodation that was right in the centre of a ‘ski village’ that could be accessed by train or bus, and that [...]

Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon Recipe – Our Christmas Breakfast in Krakow

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This Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon recipe has become our go-to eggs recipe for Christmas breakfast. It's decadent and delicious, especially when served with bubbly. This is what we're enjoying for Christmas breakfast here in Krakow, Poland, today. When we were in a delicatessen doing some last-minute shopping in Krakow on Christmas Eve, before the [...]

Donate Money, Win a Home ‘Away’, Build a Village in India

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You could win a stay in a ‘home away from home’, as we like to call the holiday rentals we’re staying in this year, by entering our monthly blogging competitions. You could also donate $10 to Passports with Purpose and not only get a chance at winning a stay in a holiday rental anywhere in [...]

Our Rio de Janeiro Holiday Rental Apartment

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When HomeAway Holiday-Rentals asked us to include Rio de Janeiro on our Grantourismo itinerary and stay at this cute Ipanema apartment, we jumped at the chance. Terence had never been to Rio and I was keen to return to show him ‘my’ Rio. Movies and music brought me to Brazil the first time I visited [...]

Our Home Away from Home in San Miguel de Allende

2018-11-27T17:06:42+07:00By |

A colourful casita (little house) that looks like it has leapt out of the pages of a Mexico interior design book is our home away from home in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Yes, San Miguel de Allende! When HomeAway Holiday-Rentals asked us to come here, we must admit that we had some reservations. We’d avoided [...]

Our Home Away From Home in Dubai

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A rustic trullo in Puglia, a colourful Mexican casita in San Miguel de Allende, a snug studio in Buenos Aires, and a beach house in Costa Rica… this year is going to see us settling into a wide variety of HomeAway rental properties around the world, from compact budget places to luxurious sprawling homes. It [...]