Phuket Cuisine — A ‘Phuket Style’ Fusion of Culinary Influences

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Phuket Cuisine is unique to the southern Thai island, a fusion of culinary influences that you won't find elsewhere in Thailand. Skip the pad thai, pizzas, and 'international food' and seek out the increasingly endangered Phuket cuisine before it disappears. Phuket Cuisine — A 'Phuket Style' Fusion of Culinary Influences “Phuket cuisine is unique. It’s [...]

A Month on Phuket — Sun, Sand, Sea, and Food

2018-08-19T20:41:07+07:00By |

A month on Phuket — sun, sand, sea, and food. That was our focus over thirty days on the Southern Thailand island. When we weren't eating and cooking, we were squeezing in swims, strolls and surfs. We were out to prove Phuket is more than a beach escape. We were spending a month on Phuket, Thailand's largest [...]

A Chat with Chef David Thompson at Nahm Restaurant, Bangkok

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We recently spent a couple of fun and fascinating days with chef David Thompson at Nahm restaurant in Bangkok. Much of it passed gossiping over coffee. Some of it was spent in the kitchen tasting dishes the chef was cooking. One evening we dined in the kitchen on cushions at a low wooden Thai divan from where chef [...]

Geng Gari Gai Aromatic Chicken Curry Recipe from Southern Thailand

2019-08-14T15:17:44+07:00By |

This old Southern Thailand geng gari gai aromatic chicken curry recipe “has a rich and delicious depth that only something rooted in the past can have," according to Chef David Thompson of Nahm restaurant in Bangkok, who taught the dish to participants at a culinary workshop held in Singapore last week as part of the [...]

A Culinary Workshop with Chef David Thompson of Nahm

2018-05-09T14:33:28+07:00By |

“I have no right to cook Thai food,” Australian chef David Thompson said in his opening remarks of a session on authenticity in cooking at The Future of Food forum, an Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants event, held last week here in Singapore. “Bullshit!” would be the honest Aussie response of any sane person with a palate [...]

Making Thai Red Curry Paste and How To Use a Mortar and Pestle

2019-06-13T16:05:03+07:00By |

This Thai red curry paste is the first proper post in our new food series A Year of Asian Cookbooks. You can find my introduction to the project here. Is there a better way to start our year-long stint exploring Asian cookbooks than with making a Thai red curry paste with a mortar and pestle? A [...]

Eating Out in Melbourne: Melbourne’s Contemporary Asian Restaurants

2019-06-11T12:29:26+07:00By |

Whatever you eat, eating out in Melbourne is a delight, but there is a food movement there at the moment that doesn’t involve food trucks or Mexican food (don’t ask) and that’s the food of Melbourne's contemporary Asian restaurants. Sure, modern Asian has been around a while, but new restaurants keep opening in Melbourne that are pushing [...]

Eating Out In Melbourne — from European to Asian and Back Again

2019-01-28T12:51:47+07:00By |

You can take a culinary trip around the world, eating out in Melbourne — from Europe to Asia and back again — and that’s virtually what we did on our recent Melbourne foodie trip, eating everything from Italian, French and British to Japanese, Thai and regional Chinese. To Australians, this kind of eating isn’t unusual. Like [...]

Tamarind Lao Cooking Course in Luang Prabang, Laos

2019-09-11T15:04:54+07:00By |

Tamarind Lao Cooking Course in Luang Prabang, Laos, is a must if learning to cook some of the local cuisine of the places you travel to is important to you. One of the best cooking classes in Southeast Asia, it begins with a wonderful market walk. After our Phousi Market walk with Joy Ngeuamboupha, the owner [...]

Eating Out in Bangkok — Bangkok’s Best Restaurants

2018-12-17T17:00:27+07:00By |

Eating out in Bangkok has never been as exciting as it is now. Bangkok’s best restaurants offer up everything from Thai street food with a twist and molecular Thai, to creative contemporary French and 'progressive Indian'. It’s often said about eating out in Bangkok that the best food is found on the streets not in [...]

Cooking with Poo at the Helping Hands Thai Cooking School

2018-12-17T17:10:03+07:00By |

From Klong Toey markets in Bangkok it’s a quick drive and a short stroll through Klong Toey slum to Saiyuud Diwong’s modest kitchen where we’re going to try our hand at, um, Cooking with Poo at the Helping Hands Thai Cooking School. Our walking tour through Klong Toey markets to purchase produce for the cooking course may have had participants’ jaws dropping, [...]

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