Best Curry Recipes from Southeast Asia for When You Need Spice in Your Life

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Our best curry recipes from Southeast Asia include a rich Cambodian Saraman curry and its Thai cousin beef Massaman curry to a more gently-spiced steamed Cambodian fish curry called amok trei and the decadent pork belly curry, Gaeng hang lay moo from Northern Thailand, and Gaeng gari gai, a chicken curry recipe from Southern Thailand. [...]

Best Asian Noodle Recipes to Satisfy Your Comfort Food Cravings

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Our best Asian noodle recipes include recipes for an array of Southeast Asian noodle soups, and even Asian stir-fry noodles, from a spice-laden Singapore curry laksa and a creamy coconut-based Chiang Mai khao soi gai to a Lao khao soi with a ragu Bolognese-like sauce and Indonesia’s chicken soup for the soul, soto ayam. We’ve [...]

Fresh Herb Salad Recipe – Yum Chee from 100 Mahaseth Restaurant Bangkok

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This fresh herb salad recipe makes a big fragrant bowl of Yum Chee from 100 Mahaseth Restaurant, Bangkok, and comes courtesy of owner-chef Chalee Kader. European in presentation, it’s distinctly Southeast Asian in its sweet and sour flavours and zestiness. I’ve been hankering to make this fresh herb salad recipe since we first tasted it [...]

Northern Thailand Specialties – Lanna Dishes You Must Try in Chiang Mai

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Northern Thailand specialties you have to taste in Chiang Mai range from khao soi gai, the spicy Northern Thai curry noodle soup, and gaeng hang lay moo, a Northern Thai pork curry of Burmese origin to the fiery nam priks (relishes) and herbaceous and sour sausages. Northern Thailand specialties have been on my mind these [...]

100 Mahaseth Restaurant Chef Chalee Kader on Thai Food and Getting Creative

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100 Mahaseth restaurant chef Chalee Kader and partner Chaichat ‘Randy’ Noprapa are responsible for one of our new favourite Bangkok restaurants – a nose-to-tail joint in hip Charoenkrung specialising in wonderful Northern Thai and Northeastern Thai food that is laidback, fun, and eco-friendly. While Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand are familiar to most travellers to [...]

Khao Soi Gai Recipe – How to Make Chiang Mai Curry Noodle Chicken Soup 

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This khao soi gai recipe makes the delicious Chiang Mai curry noodle chicken soup that is as beloved by foreign visitors as much as locals in the Northern Thailand city. Slurped at market stalls, simple eateries and fancy restaurants, khao soi gai quickly becomes addictive. Khao soi gai is the most popular noodle soup in [...]

Local Guide to Eating and Drinking in Bangkok by Chef Ton of Le Du

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This local guide to eating and drinking in Bangkok, Thailand, comes courtesy of Chef Ton of Le Du, one of the most creative Thai restaurants in the country and one of the finest in Southeast Asia, landing on Asia's 50 Best Restaurants list at #37 yesterday*. There are few people best able to provide a local [...]

Chiang Mai Food Tour – Footpath Feasting in the Old Lanna Capital

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A Chiang Mai food tour is the number one thing to do in Chiang Mai for culinary travellers visiting Northern Thailand's ancient Lanna capital. It's no surprise. Chiang Mai is a fantastic destination for foodies with great eating in Chiang Mai restaurants, markets and on the streets. Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand has long been one [...]

Thai Cuisine — Everything Old Is New Again in Bangkok Kitchens

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When it comes to Thai cuisine, everything old is new again in Bangkok kitchens, especially in those of Bangkok’s best restaurants where chefs are cooking Thai heritage cuisine, everything from the dishes of their ancestors to the centuries-old recipes of the Siam aristocracy. Everything Old Is New Again in Bangkok Kitchens Not far from the Chao Phra River [...]

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