20 Travel Lessons from 20 Years Living Abroad Travelling the World

2018-10-06T15:02:30+07:00By |

20 travel lessons from 20 years living abroad and travelling the world is a celebration of our two decades as citizens of the world. Travel teaches us things. Yet after a decades-long education on the road it feels like there’s still so much to learn. Last month marked the end of our 20th year living [...]

Living Like Locals in Phuket – Settling into a Surin Beach Apartment

2019-06-08T17:33:13+07:00By |

Living like locals in Phuket will give you a more enriching experience of the Southern Thai island than staying at a beach resort. Rent an apartment, breakfast with the locals, learn to cook some Phuket food, and you’ll leave with more than a taste of Phuket. Living like locals in Phuket, the Southern Thailand island, [...]

Living like Locals in Darwin – How to Settle Into the Top End’s Sultry Tropical Capital

2019-06-09T11:52:37+07:00By |

Living like locals in Darwin, Australia’s Northern Territory capital, is the best way to appreciate this sultry tropical city’s laidback vibe, rich indigenous culture, ethnic diversity, multicultural neighbourhood markets, and gobsmacking sunsets. For many travellers to Australia, Darwin is little more than the launching pad for more epic adventures east, south (to Alice Springs and [...]

How To Be a Better Traveller – 18 Ways to Travel Responsibly in 2018

2018-09-29T18:39:36+07:00By |

How to be a better traveller is something I constantly ponder, particularly after a year in travel that saw a rise in anti-tourism sentiment across Europe, the emergence of beg-packing in Asia, and an explosion of naked tourism and public pooping. No wonder locals have been hoisting “tourists go home!” banners across buildings everywhere from [...]

Best Things to Do in Bali, from Rice Paddy Walks to Riding Mythical Waves

2018-12-17T17:51:22+07:00By |

The best things to do in Bali for us aren't the things you gawk at in tourism ads or highlight in travel guides. In keeping with our preference for the slow, the local and experiential, they're as low-key and laidback as strolls through rice paddies and learning to cook Balinese food. We loved the side of Bali that we experienced when we [...]

Banteay Chhmar Homestay, Living Like Locals Amid Ruins in Cambodia

2018-05-27T15:35:39+07:00By |

Just a two and a half hour drive from Siem Reap, in northwest Cambodia, a rustic Banteay Chhmar homestay offers a rare chance to live like locals in a village set amidst the Khmer Empire ruins of a garrison-city. We’ve just returned to Siem Reap from the sprawling Angkor-era archaeological site, where our accommodation was [...]

Adina Apartments in Perth – Settling Into the Sunny West Australian City

2017-01-17T12:11:06+07:00By |

Adina Apartments in Perth have two excellent locations in the sunny Western Australian capital that, while close to eachother offer, two different experiences. We check in and test them out, with our family in tow. As you know, we’ll always settle into an apartment over checking into a hotel when we can – which is [...]

Culture, Heritage and Tourism: a Chat with Elizabeth Becker

2018-11-27T18:54:25+07:00By |

The American author of Overbooked: the Global Business of Travel and Tourism, award-winning journalist Elizabeth Becker was in Siem Reap recently for the UNWTO and UNESCO World Conference on Tourism and Culture. I chatted to her about culture, heritage and sustainable tourism in Cambodia. Elizabeth Becker kick-started her writing career in 1972 as a war correspondent [...]

Siem Reap Water Festival – A Celebration to Mark the End of Monsoon

2018-11-23T21:54:37+07:00By |

Siem Reap Water Festival or Bon Om Tuk, the Cambodia Water Festival, traditionally marks the end of the monsoon period and rice season, the reversal of the flow of the Tonle Sap (Great Lake), and the start of the fishing season, with boat races, water rituals, traditional ceremonies, celebrations, and fireworks. This year, the 3-day Siem Reap [...]

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