Welcome to the New Grantourismo and a New Year of Travel and Food

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Welcome to the new Grantourismo and a new year of travel and food. We’re kicking off 2019 with a fresh new design that is more user-friendly and much more mobile-friendly, with comprehensive new travel destination guides, and other features to better help you plan your travels. If you’ve dropped by Grantourismo since the New Year, [...]

One Day in Battambang Itinerary – 24 Hours in Cambodia’s Rice Bowl

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One day in Battambang, Cambodia, is most definitely not enough time, but that’s all many visitors with the Angkor temples on their mind schedule for this riverside city. Do our one day in Battambang itinerary, visiting the markets, pagodas and villages, and you might find yourself wanting to extend your stay. As with Siem Reap – which [...]

Give the Gift of Travel this Christmas – Give Memories to Last a Lifetime

2017-12-10T14:44:01+07:00By |

Give the gift of travel this Christmas – whether it be an epic journey, a creative retreat or a weekend staycation – and you’re giving so much more than a holiday. You’re helping to create precious memories that will last a lifetime – and outlast a life. Imagine yourself reclined on that cushioned banquette above [...]

Calabria Itineraries – How to Explore this Undiscovered Italian Region

2016-10-12T12:03:50+07:00By |

Our Calabria itineraries cover everything from a long weekend in the provincial capital of Reggio di Calabria to a month-long grand tour of the entire off the beaten track Southern Italian region. Whether you're just looking for a taste of Calabria, or you want to do it all, we've got an itinerary for you. As you [...]

Weekend on the Gold Coast, Australia, for Food Lovers

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A weekend on the Gold Coast? Once upon a time we wouldn't have given it a thought. These days, the eating and drinking options have improved so greatly that there's so much more than the lure of sun and surf to entice visitors for a couple of days. Fortunately, the Coast's low-key and laid-back Aussie charm hasn't [...]

Weekend in Mandalay – An Itinerary for 48 Hours in Mandalay, Myanmar

2018-11-26T15:01:28+07:00By |

Fancy a weekend in Mandalay? Rudyard Kipling may never have been to Mandalay but we were recently. We had a magic time in the northern Myanmar city that’s easier than ever to visit. And a weekend in Mandalay is just enough time to get a taste of this fascinating place. Warm, dusty and windy, the city’s allure isn’t [...]

Savour Siem Reap — A Bespoke Culinary Experience Crafted By Lara

2018-12-28T11:28:05+07:00By |

If you don’t want to waste a meal in Siem Reap, you want to taste authentic Cambodian food and not the Thai-Cambodian fusion most tourist restaurants offer, and you're keen to sample street food and learn how the locals eat, then book my Savour Siem Reap bespoke culinary experience. Along with my bespoke Inside Siem Reap and Shop Siem Reap [...]

Inside Siem Reap – Book a Bespoke Itinerary with Lara

2018-05-28T16:03:53+07:00By |

If you're coming to Siem Reap and you're the sort of traveller who appreciates local knowledge, would love an insider to help plan your trip, likes to get off the beaten track, enjoys meeting locals when you travel, and likes the idea of having a local friend in a place, then book my Inside Siem Reap [...]

The Stories You Read on Grantourismo in 2012

2018-11-26T11:01:06+07:00By |

A new year means new starts and time to consider the year that’s passed and plan for the one ahead. Many of us go through a process of looking back and reflecting upon what went well and what didn’t go so great, so we can do things differently next year. We all do it, with [...]

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