How To Be A Greener Traveller This Plastic Free July and Beyond

2018-07-16T17:28:42+07:00By |

How to be a greener traveller isn’t rocket science, it just involves making more conscious decisions about how you travel and learning how to say no to things like plastic. What better time to start than now, during Plastic Free July. We just returned from a quick trip to Bangkok where it’s hard not to [...]

Things We Can Do To Save Wildlife from Extinction and Save the Planet

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Things we can do to save wildlife from extinction include everything from symbolically adopting an animal and donating to established wildlife protection and conservation organisations to learning a bit about endangered species and sharing what you learn on social media. I spent some time on World Wildlife Day doing a little research into endangered animals [...]

Cruising the Mangroves of the Pacific Coast Costa Rica

2018-05-06T12:35:13+07:00By |

We’d gone wildlife spotting in the Manuel Antonio National Park and bird watching in the forest at El Silencio nature reserve, so the next logical thing to do seemed to be to get on the water and check out the wildlife from a boat, cruising the mangroves of the Pacific Coast Costa Rica. One of [...]

Understanding Venice, the City Built on Water – By Boat

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Venice, the city built on water, is essentially a series of 117 islands crisscrossed by canals, connected by bridges, and surrounded by seawater. So if we wanted to get beneath the skin of the 'City of Water', it made sense to get on a boat. For slow travellers like us, what better way to learn about [...]

The Hills are Alive with Catalan Culture and Cherry Blossoms

2019-04-22T16:46:22+07:00By |

Walking is one of the most popular things to do in Ceret, so we asked local guide de pays Christian Piquemal to give us a taste of what makes walking in Ceret so special. The Hills are Alive with Catalan Culture and Cherry Blossoms A French-Catalan guide who has lived in the French and Spanish Pyrénées [...]

Voluntourism: Giving Back As Much As You Take Away

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Most people take a holiday to relax not work, yet giving back to a place, rather than simply taking away — whether it be a bundle of beautiful memories or a suitcase of souvenirs — is the aim of a rising number of travellers, including ourselves. Tagging turtles for a conservation project, being a bear-keeper for a [...]