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Slow Travel

How To Avoid Holiday Rental Scams

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Following our post on Tips to Renting Holiday Apartments — A Checklist a reader asked for tips on how to avoid holiday rental scams and getting ripped off when booking self-catering accommodation, such as how to handle money, ...

Price Check: a Venice Shopping List

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We usually take our prices for Price Check from the local supermarket, or supermercato, regardless of what things cost at the local market or mercato, because supermarkets generally provide a better yardstick for comparing prices ...

Local Travel

Ipanema, Where Life’s a Beach

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One of the first things we do when we arrive at a new destination is explore our neighbourhood. Despite having done the long haul down to Rio de Janeiro from Costa Rica via Miami, it ...

Experiential Travel

Seeing Vienna on Foot and by Tram

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Vienna, like Budapest, is a grand city of wide boulevards lined with majestic buildings, decorated with splendid statuary, and plenty of public spaces that allow you to step back and admire them. So what’s the ...