An Archaeologist’s Guide to Angkor Archaeological Park

2018-05-10T18:17:59+07:00By |

Cambodia is one of the richest countries on earth when it comes to archaeology. But what makes Cambodia’s Angkor Archaeological Park temples and other Angkor sites so special? We asked an archaeologist. One of the best things about living in Siem Reap is that the UNESCO World Heritage listed Angkor Archaeological Park, home to stupendous [...]

Dreaming of Dancing Boats, a Sunset Timelapse in Hoi An

2017-06-20T16:40:01+07:00By |

I know we've told you before, but we really love Hoi An on Vietnam's central coast. And now we're dreaming of dancing boats after I put together this sunset timelapse in Hoi An that I shot when we were living there last year for three months. Hoi An is often dismissed as merely a tourist [...]

Eat Learn Love Cambodia — Culinary Travel Writing Tour

2018-05-27T15:14:48+07:00By |

How would you like to come and eat, learn and travel with us, and fall in love with Cambodia, on a culinary travel writing tour in May? We’d love you to come visit! Over eight days and nights in May 2015, in partnership with Asia-based Backyard Travel, we're offering EAT LEARN LOVE CAMBODIA, a culinary travel writing [...]

Spiritual Travel — Transcendental Experiences in Cambodia

2018-05-27T15:18:04+07:00By |

You don’t have to be religious to undertake spiritual travel and seek out transcendental experiences. Here are some ideas for travellers seeking enlightenment in Cambodia, the predominantly Buddhist country that is home to stupendous Angkor Wat. Spiritual Travel — Transcendental Experiences in Cambodia Sunrise at the largest religious structure in the world There is something uplifting [...]

Cambodian Rock and Roll History with the Cambodian Space Project

2018-05-27T15:19:39+07:00By |

Cambodian rock and roll captivated the country in the pre-war years when legendary crooners like Sinn Sisamouth and divas such as Ros Sereywothea and Pan Ron got the country dancing. Thanks to the Cambodian Space Project people are listening to the swinging sounds of Cambodia’s Golden Age once again. UPDATE 20 March 2018: Cambodia is heartbroken today. Kak [...]

Cambodian Space Project – A Chat with Kak Channthy and Julien Poulsen

2018-10-21T12:46:18+07:00By |

Cambodian Space Project is a freewheeling, psychedelic Cambodian rock group founded by Cambodian singer Srey Channthy and Australian musician Julien Poulson. They formed the band to bridge their respective cultures by performing Cambodian rock and roll covers from the pre-war years. UPDATE 20 March 2018: Cambodia is heartbroken today. Kak Channthy, the effervescent singer of the [...]

Our Guide to the Arts and Architecture in Battambang in Cambodia

2018-11-27T18:29:32+07:00By |

There’s much to experience when it comes to the arts and architecture in Battambang in Cambodia. In recent years the charming colonial city has blossomed into an arts hub as graduates from its excellent arts school have collaborated to establish galleries and collectives and organise group shows and arts events. Battambang's impressive architecture is everywhere. Boasting [...]

A Guide to the Hanoi Art Scene — Art Galleries, Museums and Arty Cafes

2018-05-10T14:52:18+07:00By |

Most travellers visit Hanoi for the fantastic food. That's why we went. After motorbikes, visitors to Vietnam’s capital find themselves dodging street food stalls and the footpaths are littered with locals perched on tiny stools tucking into something. Yet the Hanoi art scene is doing well to compete for attention with the city's food scene. Here's [...]

Remembering Syria and Syrians — The Sculptor Mustafa Ali

2015-08-07T16:48:36+07:00By |

This is the fourth installment of a series reflecting on the Syria we knew and the Syrians we befriended in the years we travelled to the country before the Civil War. Parts one and two were on the Storyteller Abu Shady and Jazz Duo Rasha Rizk and Ghazwan Zerkli. The Old City of Damascus had [...]

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