Northern Thailand Specialties – Lanna Dishes You Must Try in Chiang Mai

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Northern Thailand specialties you have to taste in Chiang Mai range from khao soi gai, the spicy Northern Thai curry noodle soup, and gaeng hang lay moo, a Northern Thai pork curry of Burmese origin to the fiery nam priks (relishes) and herbaceous and sour sausages. Northern Thailand specialties have been on my mind these [...]

Where to Eat in Chiang Mai for the Best Northern Thai Lanna Cuisine

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Where to eat in Chiang Mai for the best Northern Thai Lanna cuisine depends on how far you’re prepared to travel to eat well. Make the effort to seek out Northern Thailand's Lanna food and you’re in for some of the most memorable meals you’ll have in Thailand. With its distinctive Lanna cuisine, Chiang Mai [...]

Chiang Mai Food Tour – Footpath Feasting in the Old Lanna Capital

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A Chiang Mai food tour is the number one thing to do in Chiang Mai for culinary travellers visiting Northern Thailand's ancient Lanna capital. It's no surprise. Chiang Mai is a fantastic destination for foodies with great eating in Chiang Mai restaurants, markets and on the streets. Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand has long been one [...]