Monday Memories: a Return to Instagram and Food Photography

2018-05-09T14:26:46+07:00By |

It was this photo (above) that resulted in me giving up posting to Instagram just over a year ago. It didn’t happen straight after I posted the image, but a couple of months later when Lara asked me for the high-res, DSLR version of the image for a magazine story. But there was no high-res [...]

How To Eat Like Locals When You Travel

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How to eat like locals when you travel? There’s an abundance of advice out there: slurp soup from a street food stall, sample home-cooked food at a local home, savour creative cuisine at a secret supper club, or... eat fast food at KFC or McDonalds. Which advice should you follow? How To Eat Like Locals [...]

Asian Food Etiquette — Eating, Drinking and Dining Etiquette

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Asian food etiquette isn't rocket science. So why do so many travellers in Asia get it so wrong? So you don't become one of them, here's our guide to Asian food etiquette, whether you're eating on the street, drinking with local friends, or dining out. We all want to be welcomed when we travel — [...]

Asian Travel Etiquette — Greetings, Gestures and Good Manners

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Asian travel etiquette is not so complicated to understand, nor is it mysterious. Almost every Asian guidebook, travel website and those free little tourist magazines seem to have a section on etiquette — how you should greet people, how to conduct yourself, what’s considered good manners and what’s not, and what you should wear. Yet we’re [...]

Monday Memories: Curry Noodles in Kuala Lumpur

2015-08-10T22:06:57+07:00By |

Foraging for street food in Asia can be heaven or hell, as I was reminded recently after slurping a bowl of curry noodles in Kuala Lumpur. Sometimes you end up with a dish that makes your day — all for the price of a cold drink at a ‘real' restaurant and sometimes you wish you’d just [...]