Soto Ayam Recipe for Yogyakarta’s Indonesian Chicken Noodle Soup

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My soto ayam recipe for the beloved Indonesian chicken noodle soup is based on the aromatic breakfast noodle soup we became smitten with on our last day in Yogyakarta, Java. Found across Indonesia’s archipelago, each island, region, city, town, village, and cook has their own take on this recipe. Soto ayam is chicken soup. 'Soto' [...]

Soto Ayam in Yogyakarta – Indonesia’s Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul

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Soto ayam in Yogyakarta is an aromatic breakfast soup found right across Indonesia’s archipelago. Fondly called the country’s ‘chicken noodle soup for the soul’ and sold from charming food carts, Yogyakarta's soto ayam has a light broth that's clear and fragrant. I'd like to think that we went to Yogyakarta for Java's awe-inspiring archaeological sites, [...]

Borobudur, Indonesia – Java’s Monumental Buddhist Stupa

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Borobudur is the Angkor Wat of Java, the Indonesian island between Bali and Sumatra. The world’s largest Buddhist monument, it is colossal in size, decorated with splendid sculptures and elaborate bas-reliefs, and looks like a lotus flower from above. It was the reason we went to Indonesia. If you were heading to Bali this week [...]

Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta’s Majestic Hindu Archaeological Site

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Prambanan temple is not a priority for most foreign travellers to Yogyakarta, Indonesia, who are here to visit Borobudur – which probably explains why the ninth century Hindu temple becomes such a surprisingly memorable experience for so many. Prambanan temple – or Candi Prambanan – was on my radar and I had planned that we’d [...]

Yogyakarta, the Javanese City That Still Feels Like A Secret

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Yogyakarta was the breath of fresh air and the change in scenery that I didn’t know I needed until we got there. The reasons I became beguiled by Yogyakarta are the reasons why you need to get to this intriguing Javanese city soon. Yogyakarta is both the name of this laidback city and the lush region surrounding [...]

Where to Stay in Seminyak, Bali – From Stylish Beach Resorts to Chic Boutique Hotels

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Where to stay in Seminyak isn’t an easy decision to make with an abundance of luxury lodgings and chic boutique hotels peppering Bali’s most stylish suburb. Our very selective guide includes everything from lavish ocean-side resorts with palm-fringed infinity pools to more affordable design-driven boutique hotels. As far as we’re concerned if you’re in Bali [...]

Tanah Lot Temple, Bali – Hindu Traditions and Sea Temple Ceremonies

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Tanah Lot temple, Bali, is a popular sunset spot for most visitors to the Indonesian island but like any must-do attraction in a major tourist destination it can get insanely crowded. We sensibly opted for the local experience of Pura Tanah Lot instead. We suggest you do, too. Tanah Lot Temple, Bali – Hindu Traditions and [...]

One Day in Ubud, an Itinerary for a Perfect Day in Bali’s Verdant Heart

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One day in Ubud, Bali, isn’t nearly enough but that’s all many Bali visitors with the beach on their mind dedicate to this laidback town set amidst lush jungle. Do our one day in Ubud itinerary, taking in verdant rice terraces and feasting on farm-to-table cuisine and you might just extend your stay. One Day [...]

Weekend in Seminyak, Bali – Two Days of Sunshine, Sipping and Shopping

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A Weekend in Seminyak, Bali, is possible these days with so many affordable flights from Australia and Asia. And that's just enough time to gaze at a few sunsets, savour some good food, do a little shopping, and soak up some sunshine. Weekend in Seminyak, Bali – Two Days of Sunshine, Sipping and Shopping Friday [...]

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