Travelling Responsibly in Cambodia – Here’s Why It Matters

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Travelling responsibly in Cambodia matters. No, it's not okay to wear your bikinis and shorts to Angkor Wat or on tours to villages and visits to local homes. But travelling responsibly in Cambodia is about more than what you wear. Here's why... Travelling responsibly in Cambodia matters more than anything else you do as a visitor to one of [...]

Cambodia Culinary Tour with a Cambodia Based Travel and Food Writer

2019-06-12T13:34:41+07:00By |

Come do a Cambodia Culinary Tour with professional travel and food writer Lara Dunston, who has been researching Cambodia's culinary history and culture and writing a Cambodia cookbook for five years. You'll be immersed in Cambodian cuisine and culture, meet artisanal producers and learn to cook Cambodian food in Siem Reap and Battambang. **** NOTE: Click [...]

Sponsored Spots for Cambodians on our Retreats and Tours

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We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be offering sponsored spots for Cambodians on our future retreats and tours following the success of our first sponsored placement on our recent May retreat. Our 10-day May Cambodia Culinary Travel Writing and Photography Retreat ended last week and while it wasn’t the first such experience we held (we hosted [...]

Cambodian Cuisine, Asia’s Most Misunderstood and Under-appreciated Cuisine

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Cambodian cuisine must be Asia’s most misunderstood and under-appreciated cuisine. Come discover Cambodian cuisine with us on one of our Cambodia Culinary Tours or Travel and Food Writing and Photography Retreats, which we host throughout the year, every year. Join us in Siem Reap and Battambang on a delicious journey to discover Cambodian cuisine, Asia’s most misunderstood [...]

Cambodia Culinary Travel Writing and Photography Retreat Dates

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We're excited to finally announce dates and prices for our 10-day Cambodia Culinary Travel Writing and Photography Retreat – in May and October 2016. We're offering more experiences this year, and Retreats as well as Tours. UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2017: THESE WERE HELD IN 2016. CLICK THROUGH FOR 2017 & 2018 CAMBODIA CULINARY TOUR AND FOOD AND TRAVEL [...]

Why You Should Avoid Giving Money to Child Beggars

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The problem of children begging for money is not unique to Cambodia. Yet a travelling exhibition in Siem Reap and a new campaign by Cambodian NGO Friends International and ChildSafe to combat children begging, makes a case for why you should avoid giving money to child beggars, wherever they are, when you travel. Giving Money to Child Beggars and the [...]

An Authentic Khmer Prahok Ktis Recipe

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The delicious, rich Cambodian dip called prahok ktis is served with fresh crispy vegetables and makes a great introduction to the use of the Cambodian fermented fish called prahok and the curry paste called kroeung in authentic Khmer cuisine. An Authentic Khmer Prahok Ktis Recipe Made with prahok, yellow kroeung, minced pork, pea eggplants, some [...]

Khmer Yellow Kroeung — Kroeung Samlor Machou Recipe

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The Cambodian curry paste called kroeung is an irreplaceable ingredient in Khmer cooking and yellow kroeung is the most versatile of the curry pastes, used in many classic Cambodian dishes, especially soups and dips. Khmer yellow kroeung paste is the basis for many classic Khmer and Cambodian dishes, including amok trey (fish amok), and soups such as [...]

Prahok, the Secret Ingredient of Cambodian Cuisine

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Prahok is the most distinctive ingredient in Khmer cooking alongside the Cambodian curry paste called kroeung. This chunky, grey, visually unappealing, fermented fish 'paste' is used by every Khmer cook to add depth of flavour to just about every dish in their Cambodian cuisine repertoire. Most visitors to Cambodia don’t have to fear this pungent concoction, [...]

Eat Learn Love Cambodia — Culinary Travel Writing Tour

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How would you like to come and eat, learn and travel with us, and fall in love with Cambodia, on a culinary travel writing tour in May? We’d love you to come visit! Over eight days and nights in May 2015, in partnership with Asia-based Backyard Travel, we're offering EAT LEARN LOVE CAMBODIA, a culinary travel writing [...]

Spiritual Travel — Transcendental Experiences in Cambodia

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You don’t have to be religious to undertake spiritual travel and seek out transcendental experiences. Here are some ideas for travellers seeking enlightenment in Cambodia, the predominantly Buddhist country that is home to stupendous Angkor Wat. Spiritual Travel — Transcendental Experiences in Cambodia Sunrise at the largest religious structure in the world There is something uplifting [...]

Saraman Curry Recipe – How to Make Cambodian Cari Saramann

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The Cambodian Saraman Curry or Cari Saramann is the richest of the Cambodian curries and the most complex. A cousin of the Thai Massaman curry and Beef Rendang of Malaysia, its time-consuming nature makes it a special occasion dish for Cambodians, particularly in the Cham Muslim communities of Cambodia. The similarity with Thailand's Massaman Curry [...]

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