One Day in Battambang Itinerary – 24 Hours in Cambodia’s Rice Bowl

2019-06-12T22:36:21+07:00By |

One day in Battambang, Cambodia, is most definitely not enough time, but that’s all many visitors with the Angkor temples on their mind schedule for this riverside city. Do our one day in Battambang itinerary, visiting the markets, pagodas and villages, and you might find yourself wanting to extend your stay. As with Siem Reap – which [...]

Best Southeast Asian Wineries to Sip Local Wine and Savour Views

2018-07-14T11:56:25+07:00By |

Southeast Asian wineries are a novelty for most visitors to the tropical region. The chance to see vineyards skirted by coconut palms is a singular experience – especially when an elephant and his mahout amble between the vines. For most travellers, Southeast Asian wineries aren’t even on their agenda. But who can resist visiting a winery where [...]

The Battambang Bamboo Train Is Running Again – In Two Locations!

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The Battambang Bamboo Train is running again – in two locations. There is a new dedicated tourist train near Banan Mountain that lacks the authenticity of the original but is popular with locals, while the old bamboo train has resumed rides for tourists on a stretch of the original line upon which a real train [...]

Australian Chef Christine Manfield Cooking at Jaan Bai, Battambang

2018-05-06T12:45:04+07:00By |

Australian chef Christine Manfield is cooking at Jaan Bai, Battambang, Cambodia, for a special dinner on 11 October. Established by Cambodian Children’s Trust, the stylish social enterprise restaurant was launched in 2013 with the support of Australian restaurateur John Fink and chef David Thompson. Australian chef Christine Manfield is cooking at Jaan Bai, Battambang, Cambodia, [...]

Cambodia Food Tour – Handmade, Home-Cooked, Hands-On Edition 2018 Dates

2018-04-09T19:07:14+07:00By |

Our new Cambodia food tour focuses on the handmade, home-cooked and hands-on. You’ll observe living culinary traditions at risk of disappearing, do Cambodian cooking classes and market tours with Siem Reap's best chefs, get lessons in Cambodian barbecue and traditional desserts, and try your hand at making fermented rice noodles and crafting Khmer cocktails. UPDATE: [...]

Dispelling Cambodian Cuisine Myths — It’s Not ‘Mild Thai’!

2018-04-13T13:29:55+07:00By |

Dispelling Cambodian cuisine myths seems to have become our part-time occupations. Not that we mind. No other Southeast Asian cuisine is so misunderstood and so under-appreciated — nor deserving of more attention. Let’s set a few things straight. Most visitors to Cambodia's Siem Reap that we meet know little or nothing about Cambodian food and what they [...]

A Night at the Phare Cambodian Circus in Siem Reap

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A night at Phare Cambodian Circus, Siem Reap, might seem like an odd way to spend an evening in the northern Cambodian city that’s famous for Angkor Wat and other Khmer Empire archaeological sites. Yet this quirky show has become one of the top things to do at night in Siem Reap, while turning around the [...]

Responsible Travel in Cambodia – A Comprehensive Guide

2018-11-27T18:29:19+07:00By |

Responsible travel in Cambodia isn't all that hard. Yet far too many tourists seem to have missed the memo that Cambodia is a Buddhist nation, the temples are religious structures, and the country remains one of Southeast Asia’s most impoverished, so we thought it time to post a guide. Learning how to travel responsibly in Cambodia – [...]

Travelling Responsibly in Cambodia – Here’s Why It Matters

2017-08-25T14:53:43+07:00By |

Travelling responsibly in Cambodia matters. No, it's not okay to wear your bikinis and shorts to Angkor Wat or on tours to villages and visits to local homes. But travelling responsibly in Cambodia is about more than what you wear. Here's why... Travelling responsibly in Cambodia matters more than anything else you do as a visitor to one of [...]

Cambodia Culinary Tour with a Cambodia Based Travel and Food Writer

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Come do a Cambodia Culinary Tour with professional travel and food writer Lara Dunston, who has been researching Cambodia's culinary history and culture and writing a Cambodia cookbook for five years. You'll be immersed in Cambodian cuisine and culture, meet artisanal producers and learn to cook Cambodian food in Siem Reap and Battambang. **** NOTE: Click [...]

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