Best Curry Recipes from Southeast Asia for When You Need Spice in Your Life

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Our best curry recipes from Southeast Asia include a rich Cambodian Saraman curry and its Thai cousin beef Massaman curry to a more gently-spiced steamed Cambodian fish curry called amok trei and the decadent pork belly curry, Gaeng hang lay moo from Northern Thailand, and Gaeng gari gai, a chicken curry recipe from Southern Thailand. [...]

Cambodian Chef Tim Pheak, the Travelling Chef Living the Dream at Home

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Cambodian Chef Tim Pheak has probably travelled more than most Cambodian chefs his age. Yet he says he is finally living the dream as an executive chef in Cambodia's Siem Reap, where he's cooking elegant renditions on traditional Cambodian dishes with organic local produce. Cambodian chef Tim Pheak – Cambodians put family names first, so you'd [...]

Cambodian Chef Pola Siv on His Mother’s Cooking and How to Open a Restaurant

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Cambodian chef Pola Siv helms the kitchen of Mie Café, one of Siem Reap’s best restaurants, where the 35 year-old chef creates an elegant and inventive contemporary Cambodian cuisine rooted in local produce and European cooking techniques. Cambodian chef Pola Siv has a great story. Like the northern Cambodia city of Siem Reap’s other talented young [...]

One Day in Phnom Penh Itinerary for an Enriching Day in Cambodia’s Capital

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One day in Phnom Penh obviously isn’t enough time in the Cambodian capital. However, 24 hours in Phnom Penh is all many travellers allocate, treating it simply as a stopover, especially after a long haul flight, and especially if they’re en route to Siem Reap and Angkor Wat. It’s a shame that one day in Phnom Penh [...]

Mekong River Cruises from Vietnam to Cambodia for a Taste of Indochina

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Mekong river cruises from Vietnam to Cambodia – or vice versa – give food loving travellers a taste of Indochina and the chance to experience the culinary cultures and cuisines of the two similar but very different neighbouring countries. Few rivers hold more mystique than the Mekong River and there are few better ways to [...]

Best Phnom Penh French Restaurants – From Elegant Fine Diners to Casual Buzzy Bistros

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The best Phnom Penh French restaurants include everything from elegant fine dining restaurant Topaz for classical French cuisine and sophisticated yet super-affordable Khema Pasteur to lovely Open Wine for quintessential French favourites and Bistro Lanka for a buzzy French vibe. We typically steer travellers in Southeast Asia towards Southeast Asian food, unless there’s good reason [...]

Siem Reap Guide for Angkor Marathon Runners – Where to Eat, Drink and Spa

2018-12-23T13:44:32+07:00By |

Our Siem Reap guide for Angkor marathon runners in town this weekend for the 23rd Angkor Wat International Half Marathon on Sunday has suggestions for restaurants to go to load carbs, spas to get a well deserved massage, and bars and pubs to celebrate. This Siem Reap Guide for Angkor marathon runners has recommendations for [...]

The Young Cambodian Chef Cooking Local Food For People Who Travel for Food

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Meet the young Cambodian chef cooking local food for people who travel for food. We chat to chef Mork Mengly of Pou Restaurant and Bar about cooking strange things, beautiful plating, and taking Cambodian food to the world. The young Cambodian chef cooking local food for people who travel food is chef Mork Mengly, the [...]

King Father Norodom Sihanouk – Remembering Cambodia in Mourning

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King Father Norodom Sihanouk died on 15 October 2012, bringing Cambodians together to mourn the loss of their beloved former king in the capital Phnom Penh. On the eve of the anniversary of his passing, we thought we’d share our story of a nation in mourning. In October 2012, we rented an apartment for a [...]

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