Best Parks and Gardens in the World to Spread Your Picnic Blanket

2018-01-09T13:03:03+07:00By |

This little guide to the best parks and gardens in the world has been coming for some time. These days I find myself spending a significant amount of time dreaming of spreading a picnic blanket out on manicured grass between a shady tree and sprawling out with little more than a good book, bowl of [...]

A Taste of the Immigrant Experience of New York

2018-11-27T17:04:23+07:00By |

At the end of two weeks of eating in New York City we still felt like we’d missed something. We’d had the gamut of food experiences, from gastro-pubs to gastronomic fine-diners, hot dogs to hamburgers, from ‘ethnic’ to American, but we still didn’t quite ‘get’ New York food. And don’t get us wrong. We had [...]

Dining in New York City: What we ate and where we ate it

2018-05-15T11:52:17+07:00By |

This is the second part of our ‘what we ate in NYC’ series; see Part 1 here. We did try to keep it local-ish. Did we make mistakes? Yep. Did we get bad advice? Yep. Who do we trust? No-one, unfortunately. Dining in New York City and making the right choices isn't easy. I think it’s [...]

Dining in New York City – Our Bourdain-Inspired ‘Authentic’ ‘Ethnic’ Food Quest

2019-01-06T21:35:17+07:00By |

On the long flight to New York City from Tokyo, I drifted through an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations while lying comfortably horizontal in Cathay Pacific’s brilliant business class ‘coffin’. Lamenting his middle age (the former whippet-thin, ex-junkie chef Bourdain has put on a few pounds) and lack of knowledge of New York’s boroughs [...]

New York’s Speakeasies. You didn’t hear this from us.

2018-05-09T14:00:07+07:00By |

We kept hearing that PDT (Please Don’t Tell) was one of the best cocktail bars in the East Village, so one afternoon, as we were walking right by the address where the bar was meant to be, we thought we'd take a look. There was an apartment block with what looked like a closed business [...]

New York City, but Not for Tourists

2018-11-26T11:27:12+07:00By |

We may have decided not to use guidebooks as part of our local travel experiment, but we’re certainly not discarding the map, which, as far as we’re concerned, is often all you ever need to explore a city. Well a guide 'Not for Tourists', was one guide with great mapping, but also one that helped [...]

10 Tips to Enjoying the East Village Community Gardens

2018-11-26T11:29:39+07:00By |

The East Village's community gardens are a great place to meet locals and experience a side of New York generally not covered in the guidebooks. How to get the most out of the The East Village Community Gardens Do some background reading and preparation See our story on 'New York's Secret Gardens - Urban Oases [...]

New York’s Secret Gardens — Urban Oases in the East Village

2018-11-26T14:21:07+07:00By |

Strolling through the steamy streets of the East Village — it’s been a scorching couple of weeks here in New York — we occasionally stumble across a lush sanctuary, a luxuriant community garden offering refuge from the heat. These are New York’s secret gardens. Sometimes the community gardens come as a wonderful surprise — we feel a welcoming breeze [...]

10 Things You Should Know About the East Village

2018-05-09T14:01:29+07:00By |

“How many East Villagers does it take to screw in a light bulb?” Rob Hollander, an East Village resident of some 31 years, asks us as we settle onto a bench in Tompkins Square Park. “Two,” he tells us. “One to screw it in, and one to tell you how it used to be better!” [...]

Local Knowledge: Rob from the East Village, New York City

2017-10-02T22:01:58+07:00By |

Connecting with locals in New York hasn’t been hard at all — we’ve used the same strategies we apply in every place we visit and we've found New Yorkers to be really responsive. They’ve been friendly, accessible and easygoing, and have been happy to meet for a drink to divulge their favourite spots and share advice [...]

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