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Vienna Travel Guide

Seeing Vienna on Foot and by Tram

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Vienna, like Budapest, is a grand city of wide boulevards lined with majestic buildings, decorated with splendid statuary, and plenty of public spaces that allow you to step back and admire them. So what’s the ...

Hummus Or Just Crazy Flavoured Dips?

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Having lived in the Middle East for so long and traveled widely and written about the food, we have to admit that we consider ourselves to be something of connoisseurs of the cuisines of the ...

Scrambled Eggs with Truffles Recipe

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Winter in Europe... heavy overcoats, crunchy snow, rosy cheeks, cute kids being pulled along on sleds by their parents, snowboarding, piping hot glühwein... and truffles. Yes, truffles. Having bought a fresh truffle at the Naschmarkt ...

Our Home Away from Home in Vienna

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Asian supermarkets, a mouth-watering gourmet market, vintage clothes shops, retro furniture stores, smoky bars, and pool halls… the 5th district location of our latest ‘home away from home’ in Vienna is about as far removed ...

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