Sit back, relax and let the robot beer dispenser pour a perfect beer…Tokyo, J

Sit back, relax and let the robot beer dispenser pour a perfect beer…

Ok, so maybe I’m using the term ‘robot’ loosely, but damn if this robot beer dispenser doesn’t produce a great beer every time. Trust me, I tried several times to get it to pour a bad beer in the name of research, but it never did. Not much of a conversationalist, though. And no tips for Saturday’s races.

We have a lot of great Tokyo content coming up over then next few days — Internet problems and blackouts notwithstanding — so stay tuned! So enjoy this robot beer dispenser doing its thing.

Tokyo Beer Pour… from Gran Tourismo on Vimeo.

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  1. Keith

    Well, really, the only difference between that & a beer pump is there isn’t a hoomin been pulling the handle. Probably does the same job as Moira, at the ‘Black Horse’ … but not quite as nice-looking!

  2. Biei

    Funny. Captured the character of Japan in 30 sec. -old tradition & modern high-tech.
    Where did you get this music I wonder…??

  3. Terence Carter

    Thanks, actually I’m a musician, so I fired up GarageBand on my MacBook Pro, loaded up the ‘koto’ instrument and played a little Japanese motif from memory…simple as that!

  4. Gourmantic

    Awesome. Love that Japanese efficiency!

    I’d love to show you my friend’s beer robot in Japan. It looks like R2D2 and pours beers. I’ll see if I can find photos I can post… 🙂

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