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Aug 09

Savour Siem Reap – Book a Vayable Experience with Lara

Along with my Inside Siem Reap itineraries crafted around your interests, I’m also offering food focused Savour Siem Reap itineraries, introductions and a city orientation aimed at foodies, food writers, chefs, and restaurant owners. My Savour Siem Reap experiences are specifically aimed at people who don’t want to waste a meal in Siem Reap, people for …

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Aug 06

Our Guide to the Arts and Architecture in Battambang in Cambodia

There’s much to experience in the way of arts and architecture in Battambang in Cambodia. In recent years the charming colonial city has blossomed into an arts hub as graduates from its excellent arts school have collaborated to set up art galleries and collectives and organize group shows and arts events. Battambang’s impressive architecture is everywhere. …

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Jul 29

Our Culinary Guide to Siem Reap

Temples are at the top of every Siem Reap visitor’s to-do list and there are so many of the things that few travellers think of anything else. They are magic – we’ve lived here for over a year now and had visited Siem Reap a few times before we moved yet we’re still not ‘templed-out’. …

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Jul 14

Why You Shouldn’t Travel Without Travel Insurance

I’ve noticed some really bad advice on the web recently about travel insurance — mostly on Twitter and usually dished out in unhelpful proclamations like “Don’t buy travel insurance — I’ve been to 100 countries and I’ve never needed it”. Well, aren’t you the lucky one? It wouldn’t concern me if it wasn’t coming from influential bloggers …

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Jul 13

Learning About Places By Observing Public Rituals

Over the years there have been times during our travels when we’ve found ourselves caught up in momentous events and unexpectedly learning about places by observing public rituals, rites and ceremonies, and the outpourings of emotion that come with them – whether it was a national demonstration, celebration, commemoration, or in this case, the mourning …

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