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Jul 15

Chef David Thompson at Nahm Restaurant in Bangkok

We recently spent a couple of enjoyable days with Chef David Thompson at Nahm restaurant in Bangkok. Much of it passed gossiping over coffee. Some of it was spent in the kitchen tasting dishes the chef was cooking. One evening we even dined in the kitchen on cushions at a low wooden Thai divan from where …

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May 19

Best Bangkok Floating Markets for Foodies

Skip the touristy floating markets such as Damnoen Saduak if you’re a fan of street food. Instead, make a beeline for these comparatively off-the-tourist-radar spots which we believe are the best Bangkok floating markets for foodies. A birds-eye-view of a canal crammed with narrow wooden boats, laden with tropical fruits, fresh vegetables, fragrant flowers, and aromatic …

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Oct 01

Asian Food Etiquette – Eating, Drinking and Dining Etiquette

We all want to be welcomed when we travel – especially around the dinner table. Nobody wants to make social blunders when it comes to eating. Should we accept another glass of tea? Is it impolite to leave food on our plate? What should I do with these chopsticks when I’m done? We definitely see …

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Apr 12

Celebrating Songkran in Thailand

If you’re going to be in Thailand soon, prepare to get soaked! Songkran is the traditional Thai New Year water festival that takes place in Bangkok and other parts of Thailand from the 13th to 15th April in 2014, although some cities celebrate over a longer period. A Theravāda Buddhist festival, it’s also celebrated in many other parts …

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Feb 27

12 Reasons We Are Smitten With South East Asia

We spent a lot of time in 2011 in South East Asia. Based out of Bangkok for four months while researching a book and working on stories, we bounced across the region on assignments, around Thailand, along the Mekong, and to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. It’s since we left, while posting our Asian stories, that we’ve …

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