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Sep 03

Cycling Around Siem Reap

Surrounded by pancake-flat plains, lush green rice paddies, and laidback villages with leafy lanes, cycling around Siem Reap can be an absolute delight – once you get out of the busy little city. Most travellers to Siem Reap visit Angkor Wat and the Angkor Archaeological Park by tuk tuk or on a tour but the …

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Aug 09

Savour Siem Reap – Book a Vayable Experience with Lara

Along with my Inside Siem Reap itineraries crafted around your interests, I’m also offering food focused Savour Siem Reap itineraries, introductions and a city orientation aimed at foodies, food writers, chefs, and restaurant owners. My Savour Siem Reap experiences are specifically aimed at people who don’t want to waste a meal in Siem Reap, people for …

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Aug 08

Inside Siem Reap – Book a Vayable Experience with Lara

For some time now, I’ve been providing an informal itinerary and trip planning service for friends and acquaintances visiting Siem Reap. I’m now offering a similar Inside Siem Reap experience that you can book on Vayable. What I’ve been doing is working with friends and acquaintances to plan their trip, recommending hotels, tours and independent experiences, …

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Jul 30

The Best Bars in Siem Reap

After a sweaty day scrambling temples, cycling Siem Reap’s villages or spending too much time at the swimming pool, come sundown the best spot to be is downing icy cold Beer Laos or sipping killer cocktails. Leave Pub Street to the backpackers and hit the best bars in Siem Reap instead. Miss Wong Hands-down this …

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Jul 29

Our Culinary Guide to Siem Reap

Temples are at the top of every Siem Reap visitor’s to-do list and there are so many of the things that few travellers think of anything else. They are magic – we’ve lived here for over a year now and had visited Siem Reap a few times before we moved yet we’re still not ‘templed-out’. …

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