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Feb 27

12 Reasons We Are Smitten With South East Asia

We spent a lot of time in 2011 in South East Asia. Based out of Bangkok for four months while researching a book and working on stories, we bounced across the region on assignments, around Thailand, along the Mekong, and to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. It’s since we left, while posting our Asian stories, that we’ve …

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Sep 25

Footpath Feasting: From Pho to Thit Bo Kho in Saigon

When Lara first suggested the idea of a side trip to Saigon from Bangkok, my thoughts immediately turned to food, to Vietnamese food, and specifically to pho bo (or more correctly, phở bò). Soon after arriving, I’d be salivating at the words thit bo kho (thịt bò khô). You see, when I first moved to Sydney …

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Sep 18

Eating Out in Saigon

We’ve long loved Vietnamese cuisine, having been spoilt with authentic Vietnamese food when we used to live in Sydney, home to a large Vietnamese-Australian population. Eating in Saigon (AKA Ho Chi Minh City) did not disappoint. In fact it was an absolute delight. These were the restaurants where we had some of our most enjoyable …

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Sep 08

Saigon, the City of Millions of Motorbikes

Some call Saigon, or Ho Chi Minh City if you like, the city of ten million motorbikes. We’re not entirely sure there are ten million motorcycles – estimates vary from 2.5 to five to ten and more – so let’s just settle on millions. Either way, for a small city, that’s a lot of wheels. …

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Sep 03

Saigon After Dark – An Itinerary

Saigon’s leafy streets, art deco delights and elegant colonial-era villas mean the city is easy on the eyes. But after dark, when splendid old buildings such as the Opera House and City Hall are spectacularly illuminated, the city is stunning in parts and atmospheric everywhere else. While it’s fun just to wander about, a well …

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