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Mar 08

Southern Thailand Geng Gari Gai Aromatic Chicken Curry Recipe

This old Southern Thailand Geng Gari Gai aromatic chicken curry recipe “has a rich and delicious depth that only something rooted in the past can have,” according to Chef David Thompson of Nahm restaurant in Bangkok, who taught the dish to participants, including myself, at a culinary workshop held in Singapore last week as part …

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Mar 07

A Culinary Workshop with Chef David Thompson of Nahm

Chef David Thompson Cooking Class. Copyright © 2014 Terence Carter. All Rights Reserved.

“I have no right to cook Thai food,” Australian chef David Thompson said in his opening remarks of a session on authenticity in cooking at The Future of Food forum, an Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants event, held last week here in Singapore. “Bullshit!” would be the honest Aussie response of any sane person with a palate …

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Apr 07

How To Make A Mojito

Cocktail time. A class on how to make a Mojito was one of the highlights of the Taste of Melbourne festival. Out of all the events we went to, the cocktail making lessons were the ones that seemed to excite festivalgoers the most. Long lines, packed sessions, and lots of locals taking their cocktail educations …

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Jul 15

Weekend Eggs: the Bangkok Edition

At 7am in Bangkok the city is animated. And of course being Bangkok, a city where food plays such an integral part in the daily rhythms and rituals of life, the cooking, selling, buying, eating, and transporting of food is already well underway. For the food markets, the day began several hours earlier. For those …

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May 10

A Grand Tour By Numbers

If you weren’t travelling vicariously with us on the twelve-month grand tour of the globe that we recently completed, you may be wondering why we’ve been complaining in recent posts of being so tired. Well, we were busy. Very busy. Don’t believe us? Here are some statistics from our yearlong trip… 365 days on the …

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