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Feb 14

Monday Memories: Monks and a Kodak Moment

That the classic film stock company Kodak has filed for bankruptcy protection has left me with mixed feelings. While I have no sympathy for businesses that don’t adapt to the times (hi Sony), I do see this as a time to reflect on the twilight of chemical-based film. And it is something that saddens me. …

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Jan 16

Monday Memories: A Monk on the Mekong River in Laos

I have to be honest. After a few hours on the Mekong river in Laos, I was getting a little bored photography-wise. There are only so many sun-baking cows, narrow speed boats throwing up rooster tails of water, and children wistfully waving from the sandy shores that you can photograph before you start to worry …

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Jan 09

Monday Memories: Siem Reap Dance Troupe Portraits

Sometimes, as a photographer, you go to an event where you think you might be able to make good photographs for your story, but when you arrive you just know that it’s not going to work. That’s what happened when we were staying at the gorgeous Amansara resort in Siem Reap where there was a dance …

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Dec 12

Monday Memories: Life on the Streets in Siem Reap

One of the things that keeps drawing us back to Asia is how much life there is on the streets. In a large Western city, there will be masses of traffic and people, but they’re all going somewhere in a hurry, and the activity of living will generally take place behind closed doors. Not so …

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Nov 14

Monday Memories: Elephant Encounter in Siem Reap

I find it fascinating that witnessing something that would be considered fantastic (in the true sense of the word) back in your home town or city can be an everyday event in Asia. Whenever I scroll through my Siem Reap photos I still pause when I get to a set of photos I took from …

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