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Feb 17

Monday Memories: A Syrian Family in Their Beehive Home at Twal Dabaghein in Syria

A Syrian family inside their 'Beehive House', Twal Dabaghein, Syria. Copyright 2014 Terence Carter.

It was the ever curious travel writer Gertrude Bell who wrote so eloquently about the apparent anomaly of the conical mud-brick houses found in Twal Dabaghein and Sarouj east of the city of Hama, Syria. Comparing them to nothing found outside of “illustrations to Central African travel books”, Bell had the same feeling we did …

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Feb 03

Monday Memories: Umayyad Mosque in Old Damascus in Syria

Umayyad Mosque, Damascus, Syria. March 2007.

The last time we were in Syria, back in 2009, there was a sense of optimism in the air. Or at least the illusion of optimism. New hotels, bars, restaurants, and boutiques had been popping up in the old towns of Damascus and Aleppo, and tourism – thanks to the magnificent castles, atmospheric souks, expansive Roman …

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Dec 16

Monday Memories: Missed Monsoonal Moments

In Siem Reap local school children pedal home.

While we love to settle into a place for a while, the luxury of staying longer in a destination also has some drawbacks when it comes to me getting work done photographically – and in a timely fashion. There have been many missed monsoonal moments in recent months. Here in Siem Reap during the wet …

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Apr 08

Monday Memories: A Moment at Hoi An Market

We’ve been working on some food stories here in Hoi An and that translates to eating oodles of noodles, averaging one bowl of the local favourite, cao lầu, per day (more on that dish in upcoming posts). Having worked our way through all the street stalls, backstreet eateries and recommended restaurants sampling the dish, we headed …

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Mar 24

How To Photograph People When Travelling

How to photograph people when travelling so that they engage with the camera and, more importantly, you don’t offend them, isn’t all that hard. Yet every day in Hoi An I witness some very disappointing behaviour. On my early morning photo-taking walks through the local Hoi An markets I rarely spot a foreigner. The market …

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