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Mar 10

The World’s Best Foodie Walks

Inhaling fresh herbs and fragrant spices at a local market, savouring street food treats at curbside stalls, and tasting delectable samples at gourmet food shops are some of the delicious reasons to do foodie walks. We may have set some kind of record for the number of culinary walking tours two travellers have done. We’ve experienced …

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Sep 03

An Update from the Road – and Sky and Sea

We thought we owed you an update from the road, an explanation as to why we’ve been slow blogging on Grantourismo lately, before we get back into the swing of things and get up to speed with our posting. Travel writers and bloggers continually complain that one of the biggest challenges is finding balance between …

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Jul 09

Where to Stay in Melbourne: City Centre Hotels

While we’re big fans of holiday rentals and serviced apartments for stays longer than a few days, and for shorter periods we’ll opt for a boutique hotel, we do see the advantages of staying in a big city hotel, namely a central location (most boutique hotels can’t afford high CBD rents) and extensive facilities, from …

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Jul 05

Where to Stay in Melbourne: Boutique Hotels

If you’re not spending more than a few days in the city and so don’t want an apartment rental, our next suggestion as where to stay in Melbourne would be one of the city’s brilliant boutique hotels. While we like a luxe place occasionally, our preference for a stay of a couple of nights would …

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Jul 04

Where to Stay in Melbourne: Apartment Rentals

Where to stay in Melbourne? Apartment rentals, boutique hotels, big luxury hotels, backpacker hostels, Melbourne has it all. And it seems like we got to try them all over two trips, which saw us checking in and out of countless different types of accommodation all over the city. While Melbourne has plenty of lavish luxury …

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