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Oct 11

Price Check: a Rio de Janeiro Shopping List

This is our Rio de Janeiro shopping list, the latest in our Price Check* series. Rio de Janeiro is on par with Europe when it comes to shopping and is no longer the budget destination it once was when I visited (cough) a long time ago – at a time when Brazil’s famously fashionable Havaiana flip …

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Oct 02

Our Home Away from Home in Costa Rica #2

Our second home away from home in Costa Rica is called The Beach House. Now, there are plenty of resorts in this neck of the jungle that attach the name ‘beach’ to their title as often as they do ‘spa’. Some may well have a spa, but most are generally not on the beach. The Beach House couldn’t …

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Sep 27

Our Home Away from Home in Costa Rica #1

“Your house is very big!” our driver said with a grin from ear to ear, as he unloaded our bags in the rain, and the gigantic wooden door swung open and Susan, the friendly tanned concierge came out to greet us. Despite the warning, we didn’t quite understand the immensity of Casa Elsa, our latest ‘home …

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Sep 24

Tips To Getting The Most Out Of San Miguel de Allende

Due to its colossal population of American and Canadian expats (around 10%!), San Miguel de Allende is derided as a destination by travellers looking for a more ‘authentic’ Mexican experience, but it is a beautiful town and it is worth staying a while. Here’s how to get the most out of a visit to San …

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Aug 29

Our Home Away from Home in Mexico City

The smell of freshly cooked corn tortillas mingled with traffic fumes, the sounds of organ grinders and street criers, and the myriad sights out our window, from indigenous women in bold-striped skirts selling handmade dolls to limbless beggars in tattered clothes looking for handouts… These were the reasons we used to stay at a hotel …

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