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Jul 29

Living Like Locals Resources on Slowing Down and Settling In

We’ve got lots of living like locals resources on slowing down and settling in to places when you travel, from scores of reviews of apartments and holiday rentals that we’ve stayed in to tips on everything from renting riads in Morocco to how to save money when self-catering. Our long term aim is to provide …

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Jul 25

The Holiday Rental Concierge As Your Local Best Friend

I don’t remember the name of a single hotel concierge from any of the hotels we’ve ever stayed at and we’ve checked into thousands over the years. Yet I can not only name a dozen or so concierges of holiday rentals we’ve settled into, I could also share some of their personal details with you, …

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Mar 22

Musings on Local Travel and Living Like Locals in Milan

During our first few months in Vietnam, we rented an apartment in Hanoi that, well, didn’t go so well. In short, it was simultaneously the best and worst of locations in the city, and you can read about that in a piece I did for The Independent. One of the projects that kept us in …

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Dec 10

Tips To Renting A Holiday Villa

We shared many delicious alfresco meals around that table above at a Bali villa rental a couple of years ago. My mother visited us from Australia for a week and our villa cook joined us for a meal on our final day. It was all good fun. Terence enjoyed reading a book from the day …

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Nov 19

How To Avoid Holiday Rental Scams

Following our recent post Tips to Renting Holiday Apartments – A Checklist a reader asked for tips on how to avoid holiday rental scams and getting ripped off when booking self-catering accommodation, such as how we handle money, how to make sure places are reputable, and whether there are ways to vet holiday rentals. We did …

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