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Jul 13

Great Barrier Feast at qualia on Hamilton Island with Chef Dan Hunter

Great Barrier Feast with chef Dan Hunter from Gran Tourismo on Vimeo. Watch it full screen in HD for best results. A highlight of our time back ‘home’ in Australia was getting to gourmet foodie weekend Great Barrier Feast at qualia on Hamilton Island with Chef Dan Hunter* for a story we were working on. Held periodically throughout …

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Apr 25

When Is Cooking At Home A Waste Of Time?

Regular readers are well aware that we endlessly encourage you to live like locals when you travel by doing a cooking class to learn to make the local cuisine, by shopping at the markets, and by cooking a meal or two at ‘home’, wherever that may be. It’s a way to make your stay in …

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Jan 03

Cooking with Poo at the Helping Hands Thai Cooking School

From Klong Toey markets in Bangkok it’s a quick drive and a short stroll through Klong Toey slum to Saiyuud Diwong’s modest kitchen where we’re going to try our hand at, um, Cooking with Poo at the Helping Hands Thai Cooking School. Our walking tour through Klong Toey markets to purchase produce for the cooking course may have had participants’ jaws …

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Dec 23

Last Minute Christmas Tips from Australia’s Finest Chefs

I don’t know about you, but we haven’t done anything about preparing for Christmas lunch yet. We’re at Lara’s uncle’s house in Bendigo in rural Victoria, Australia, and if this Christmas is like others, there’ll be friends and neighbours dropping by. If we’ve left it so late to start thinking about what to cook, we …

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Oct 09

Thai Cooking Class at the Mandarin Oriental Thai Cooking School

We like to think that if discovering the food of a destination is a way into the heart of a place, then learning to cook the cuisine is the route into its soul. That’s why cooking classes are high on my agenda when we arrive at a new destination. In the last 18 months I’ve …

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