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Mar 04

Price Check: What Things Cost Around the World

Aimed at helping travellers staying in holiday rentals and settling into a place for a while, Price Check is a series of posts in which we reported every two weeks on the prices of groceries (no, not only beer) at each destination we stayed on our yearlong grand tour. This post is a comparison of …

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May 28

The Dish: Homemade Orecchiette con Sugo al Pomodoro

A few days ago we wrote about the simplicity of Italian cuisine. We had eaten at a couple of trattorias in Teulada and once again Italy had blown us away with its attitude towards food. Simple, honest dishes made using the best ingredients, and treating them with respect. But that doesn’t mean that the ingredients …

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May 25

In Praise of the Local Pizzeria and Trattoria

You know you’re in Italy when simple food combinations taste sublime and waiters welcome you like old friends. Sadly, those two experiences are often missed by many travellers who opt for fixed priced ‘tourist menus’ and ‘restaurants’ on a town’s main square. In Teulada, there are very few tourists, so there are no 15-euro generic …

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May 24

Winemaking Sardinian-style at Cantina di Santadi

The stunning sandy white beaches of southwest Sardinia are where most visitors to the area spend their days, but rain during our stay forced us to seek alternative things to do – which is how we found ourselves on a private tour of the Cantina di Santadi, learning about Sardinian wines from winemaker Andres Garcia …

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May 23

The Feast of Saint Isidoro in Sardinia

Angels are said to have ploughed the fields of Saint Isadore, the patron saint of farmers, who could apparently work miracles when it came to the land, which explains why, on May 15, catholic farmers around the world celebrate the Feast of Saint Isidore or Festa di Sant’ Isidore. The Feast of Saint Isidoro in …

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