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These posts might cover anything from packing tips and transport lowdowns to useful travel gadgets and gear we’re using.

Dec 16

Our Tips for Road Trips in Australia

Outback Northern Territory, Australia.

We’ve spent a lot of time recently on dusty red dirt roads here in Cambodia that have been reminding us of the many road trips in Australia we’ve done over the years researching travel guidebooks – the main difference being that in Australia those stretches of red dirt are back-roads, tracks or off-road trails. In …

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Dec 13

The Myths About Monsoon in Cambodia

Monsoon in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

The continual pitter-patter of rain on our rooftop here in Siem Reap has stopped, the geckos are no longer seeking shelter inside, and the green frogs that graced our steps night after night have gone. The wet season has ended and the rains have stopped, but the myths about monsoon in Cambodia don’t seem to …

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Dec 11

Reflections From a Warm Climate on the Notion of Sunny Escapes

Majorca Beaches.

About this time every year, people who live in the coldest parts of the northern hemisphere (not here in tropical South East Asia), who are already getting weary of the chilly weather, are starting to consider sunny escapes and retreating to warmer climates in the new year for some winter sun – if they haven’t …

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Oct 01

Asian Food Etiquette – Eating, Drinking and Dining Etiquette

We all want to be welcomed when we travel – especially around the dinner table. Nobody wants to make social blunders when it comes to eating. Should we accept another glass of tea? Is it impolite to leave food on our plate? What should I do with these chopsticks when I’m done? We definitely see …

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Sep 29

Asian Travel Etiquette – Greetings, Gestures and Good Manners

Asian travel etiquette is not so complicated to understand, nor is it mysterious. Almost every Asian guidebook, travel website and those free little tourist magazines seem to have a section on etiquette – how you should greet people, how to conduct yourself, what’s considered good manners and what’s not, and what you should wear. Yet …

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