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This post covers our attempts to identify a quintessential local recipe and how to cook it.

Jan 22

Winter Warmers – Hearty Stew Recipes for Cold Winter Evenings

While Europe and North America have been experiencing a brutal winter, here in Siem Reap we have not been faring much better. Okay, sure a 14˚C (57˚F) minimum during winter would come as a relief to many, but in Cambodia that’s practically freezing. Well, that’s our excuse to do some slow cooking and consult our hearty …

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Feb 20

My Year in the Kitchen: Favourite Dishes From Around the Globe

One of the things we love most about holiday rentals over hotels is that we’re able to cook and eat ‘at home’. Because unless you’re Keith Floyd (one of my inspirations as a wannabe cook in my 20s), you can’t just rock up to a hotel kitchen and whip something up. You can, however, do …

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Feb 11

The Dish: a Scottish Produce Dinner Party

This post continues from the last post about Local Produce here. When I put out a call on Twitter for ideas as to what I should make in Edinburgh for my series The Dish, about the quintessential dishes of the places we visit, Scottish chef Gary Robinson (former personal chef to Prince Charles and former chef of …

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Jan 06

European Winter Treat in Vienna: Fresh Black Winter Truffles

Many years ago, when I worked in publishing in Sydney, my right-hand-man had a tempestuous relationship with his girlfriend who was head chef for one of Australia’s best known fine dining restaurateurs. Our little design department was comprised of keen foodies, even though the word hadn’t really reached general acceptance back then, and we used …

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Dec 26

The Dish: Pörkölt, the Stew Formerly Known as Goulash

What I knew about Hungarian food and wine before I first visited Budapest was limited to Bull’s Blood red wine, Tokaji sweet wine, salami, paprika, and the dish that was made using paprika – goulash. Given that I’ve been stewing and braising away this year – making everything from the bredie in Cape Town, French Cassoulet, …

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