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These posts include a standard shopping list we'll use for every place that introduces typical local produce and goods while also serving as a cost of living index.

Jan 07

Price Check: a Siem Reap Shopping List

Angkor Beer in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Having settled into Siem Reap where we’ve established a home, we’ve become familiar with what things cost in Cambodia and thought it was time to share a Siem Reap shopping list for our Price Check series with you. Just in case you’re planning to stay a while when you venture here. In short: shopping here is inexpensive – …

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Oct 11

Price Check: a Sydney Shopping List

After posting our guide to experiencing Sydney on a Budget and our apartment reviews, it seemed like a good time to do our Price Check: a Sydney Shopping List for you. Despite spending a great deal of time in Australia over the last 12 months, we still had trouble getting used to how expensive the …

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Oct 15

Bangkok Shopping Malls: Monsoon Havens and Modern Town Squares

The much-maligned shopping mall makes sense in steamy Bangkok, especially during monsoon season – just as their air-conditioned shopping centres do in the oppressive heat of Dubai. Here’s a guide to our favourite Bangkok shopping malls. While the gritty streets of Bangkok and Dubai offer few opportunities to escape the elements, air-conditioned shopping malls provide a …

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Jun 04

Price Check: a Bangkok Shopping List

Bangkok is a fun place to shop. For most visitors that means buying cheap hippy clothes and skimpy stuff for the beach holiday they’re about to have on a Thai island or a resort on the coast. And then buying even more revealing gear once they’re back in Bangkok before they fly home to show …

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Mar 05

Tips to Saving Money When Self-Catering

In our last post on What Things Cost Around the World, we compared the dockets of our Price Check shopping lists from some 24 destinations we stayed at around the world on our yearlong grand tour. Our goal was to give self-catering travellers who like settling into places for a while an idea of what …

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