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These posts cover our attempts to learn some of the language of each destination, as well as language basics to help fellow travellers.

Jan 15

Lessons on the Road, Educational Travel and Learning Holidays

A student in a village outside of Siem Reap attends a class supported by an NGO.

I travel to learn. I think I’ve always travelled to learn – to learn about places and about people, to learn about the past and the present, to learn about the world. For me, learning holidays and educational travel are the most enriching forms of travel. They are what motivate me to move and represent …

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Dec 10

Learning Swahili from the Locals

“Jambo! (hello!),” the security guy cheerfully calls out to us as we hurry down the path to the hotel restaurant. “Jambo!” we respond. “Jambo!” the waitress says with a smile, pulling out my chair as we sit down at the table. “Jambo!” I say, “And, um… asante sana (thank you).” “Karibou (you’re welcome),” she answers …

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Nov 05

¿Qué pasa? Tips to Learning Languages on the Road

Learning languages comes easy to some, can be challenging for others, and can seem impossible to many, but persevere and you’ll be gifted with an ability to engage with people when you travel in truly wonderful ways. I’ve been making an effort to practice my Spanish in Buenos Aires, and I’ve been really glad I …

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Mar 01

Learning ‘Moroccan’ – French or Arabic?

Nothing brings a smile to the face of a local in the Middle East and North Africa than a foreigner saying salam aleikum, or peace be upon you – which is really just a nice way of saying hello. Just try it and see what we mean. And if someone greets you with those words …

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