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Jun 12

Grantourismo In The Media – Devising Your Own Grand Tour

We have a Grantourismo In The Media section on the site (although admittedly it needs an update badly), so we don’t usually blog here every time Grantourismo appears somewhere or we’re asked to write about our ongoing project, about slow, sustainable, local, and experiential travel, or about our particular style of long-term travel we like to …

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Jul 23

Grantourismo Goes To Sea!

Grantourismo goes to sea! That’s right, we’re about to do our first cruise and in a few days will be embarking upon one of those Orion Expedition cruises to Malaysian Borneo called Secrets of Sabah. We’ve been sharing our experiences here with you from Sydney, where we’ve been for the last eight weeks, and we …

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May 19

The Future of Grantourismo – Where To Next?

So, what now for us, now that our yearlong grand tour is over? Where are we? What are we doing? And what’s the future hold for Grantourismo? These are some of the questions you’ve been asking us here, in emails and on Twitter. Well, we’re in Bangkok – a steamy, sultry, wet Bangkok at the …

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May 10

A Grand Tour By Numbers

If you weren’t travelling vicariously with us on the twelve-month grand tour of the globe that we recently completed, you may be wondering why we’ve been complaining in recent posts of being so tired. Well, we were busy. Very busy. Don’t believe us? Here are some statistics from our yearlong trip… 365 days on the …

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Jan 29

Voluntourism – ‘Giving Back’ As Much As We Take Away

Most people take a holiday to relax not work, yet giving something back to a place, rather than simply taking away – whether it be a bundle of beautiful memories or a suitcase of souvenirs – is the aim of a rising number of travellers. Tagging turtles for a conservation project or reading stories to …

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