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These posts are about the volunteer experiences we cover during the trip.

Jun 17

Why You Should Avoid Orphanage Visits in Cambodia

As we waited at Siem Reap airport for our flight to Bangkok a few days ago, I overheard American tourists on their phones telling friends back home about their Asian adventures. A highlight of their trip, they said, had been visits to orphanages in Cambodia. I don’t care if they heard me groan. These have to …

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Jun 06

Behind the Scenes at Jaan Bai Restaurant in Battambang

In October 2013, we went behind the scenes at Jaan Bai restaurant in Battambang to cover the opening of the Cambodian Children’s Trust‘s new social enterprise hospitality training restaurant, which has been supported by Australians Chef David Thompson of Nahm Bangkok and restaurateur John Fink of Quay restaurant in Sydney. We spent a lot of …

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Dec 24

Last Minute Christmas Present Ideas – Gifts That Give

It’s nice to go shopping and buy presents for friends and family, have them open them and go “wow!” and all the rest, but that’s hard when you’re overseas at Christmas and away from loved ones and need to do your Christmas shopping online. These days there’s an abundance of opportunities for online shopping. But …

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Dec 08

Be Part of Passports with Purpose, Build Libraries in Zambia

As you may have noticed from the time between recent posts, we’ve been away on magazine assignments – on a train for six days in Australia without internet or mobile phone except when we passed through towns, and on remote islands where there was no or little internet or mobile phone coverage. We’re back in …

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Jul 17

Share Your Shirt and Make Someone Smile

We never get too worried when it comes to packing for trips. We don’t use packing lists and we generally leave our packing until the night before. Our view is that if we forget something or don’t take enough clothes, we can always buy something when we get there. If we take too much, we …

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