Elephants for Education – Give $25 to Give a Child an Education

Elephants for Education – Give $25 to Give a Child an Education

Elephants for Education, a crowd-funding campaign currently underway, needs you to make a small sacrifice to give 150 disadvantaged Cambodian children an education that will change their lives – and you’ll get an adorable handmade elephant in return.

Skip brunch at your favourite café on the weekend or a main course at a good restaurant on Saturday tonight (if you’re in Australia, Europe or the US that is, because we can get a whole meal (or two!) for that in Cambodia) and donate just $25 to provide an education for one disadvantaged young Cambodian child.

That’s all: $25 – the cost of five coffees in Australia. It’s not much, is it? And yet it can make a monumental difference to the lives of these little kids from impoverished communities. In return Siem Reap based Human and Hope Association is going to send you a cute stuffed elephant from their just-released range of handmade toys.

That’s one present you’ll be able to cross off your Christmas shopping list – and it’s a meaningful gift. Each elephant has a name, so you can tell your son, daughter, niece, nephew, or grandchild that Bopha the elephant provided an education to a Cambodian child.

So here’s the situation…

Elephants for Education – Give Just $25 to Give a Cambodian Child an Education

Cambodian charity Human and Hope Association, based here in Siem Reap, recently launched the Elephants for Education fundraising campaign on Chuffed to raise $15,000 by the end of August so that they can educate 150 children between the ages of 5 and 18 for a year. That’s right – a whole year.

But so far their Elephants for Education campaign has only raised $3,390, so they desperately need your help now. And I can vouch that this is a charity that is worth helping. (More below on that.)

Your $25 donation to the Elephants for Education campaign will go to support the wonderful programmes that the Human and Hope Association offer, including a pre-school, English classes, and art classes.

Another programme they offer, which has been incredibly successful, is a sewing school where disadvantaged women complete a 10-month course to learn sewing and business skills.

It is this programme that gave seamstress Saney the skills that enabled her to start her own business. Saney, amongst others, is responsible for making the sweet elephants that you’ll receive, and Saney will earn an income for the sale of her elephants to Human and Hope Association.

What is the Human and Hope Association?

The Human and Hope Association (HHA) is a grassroots, locally-ran non-government organisation (NGO). This is very important in a country where there are countless dodgy NGOs, many of them foreign-ran, operated from plush offices in expensive cities in Australia, the US, and Europe, with boards of directors and staff, comprised of old mates, on tax-free incomes. In many of those cases, high operational costs mean that very little money raised actually makes its way back to Cambodia – and yet their directors are driving around in big fancy cars and flying business class.

By contrast, the Human and Hope is legit. I’ve been to their very modest facilities and classrooms in Siem Reap and observed their amazing work firsthand, and I know their board president, Sally Hetherington, an inspiring young Australian woman. Established five years ago, HHA was managed by Sally, who lives here in Siem Reap, for three years. Sally proudly handed over the reigns to the Cambodian team early this year and it’s now a 100% locally-ran organisation. Sally stayed on as the board president and now focuses on fund-raising.

The organisation’s main aim is to empower Cambodians to create sustainable futures for themselves through education, vocational training and community support. And they are committed to providing – and continually improving – their education projects to dramatically improve the lives of what is an impoverished and very vulnerable community.

Here’s what they’ve achieved so far:

  • More than 500 children and young adults have taken English lessons
  • Some 20 children have graduated from preschool and made the transition to public school
  • 15 women have graduated from the complete sewing course
  • More than 30 microfinance loans have been provided, and
  • Eight staff members have been able to pursue further education through the organisation’s scholarship program.

The Elephants for Education fund-raising campaign is crucial to funding the organisation’s ongoing running costs and programmes, and all it’s going to take is for people like you to pledge $25.

How Do I Help the Elephants for Education Campaign?

Donate just $25. Of course you can donate more or less – and if you can’t afford to donate you can help immensely by raising awareness.

Share this post on your Facebook page or social media channels like Twitter and Instagram. Or simply tell your family, friends and colleagues at home, work, school, uni, the supermarket, the gym, your favourite café, or wherever, about the Elephants for Education campaign and ask them to help – or help raise awareness.

To pledge your support, click through to visit the Elephants for Education campaign at Chuffed.

To see the work of the organisation, watch this video on YouTube.

To learn more about the campaign or the organisation, visit the Human and Hope Association website.

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