Curry and chilli pastes at Phsar Boeung Choeuk market in Battamb

Cambodia Creative Retreats and Culinary Tours 2017 and 2018 Dates

Come eat, cook, get creative, and scramble Angkor Wat on our deliciously enriching 9-night and 10-night Cambodia trips. Our 2017 Cambodia creative retreats and culinary tours are almost full but we’re extending our offer of discounts on some trips to lock bookings off ASAP. We’ve also added 2018 dates below.

If you’d like to come eat and cook, discover Cambodia‘s rich culture and delicious cuisine, and explore enchanting temples with us, book now! We have just a few spots left on each of our small group Cambodia Culinary Tours and Travel and Food Writing and Photography Retreats for 2017 and 2018. Book now and you’ll also receive a 60-minute massage and a Cambodia culinary gift pack.

UPDATED 1 July 2017: We’ve extended discounts on some 2017 and 2018 trips so we can lock those in ASAP as we have a busy year ahead. We’ll also be closing bookings on the 2018 tours earlier than usual and are offering just a few spots on each trip at a reduced price, so do book soon so you don’t miss out!

Scroll down for all details, dates and prices, read the Testimonials below to see what participants have had to say about our trips, and follow our trips on social media (links at the bottom of the page).

Cambodia Creative Retreats and Culinary Tours 2017

Our Cambodia creative retreats and culinary tours in the second half of 2017 will take the same form as our May/June 2017 and October 2016 small-group trips: compelling itineraries packed with meaningful and memorable experiences in and around Siem Reap and Battambang, from engaging interactions with locals in their villages, rustic homes and workshops to breezy excursions by tuk tuks through rice fields to palm-shaded villages and breathtaking temples, including spectacular UNESCO World Heritage listed Angkor Wat and the Angkor Archaeological Park.

In partnership with our Cambodian locals (chefs, cooking instructors, artisanal producers, foodies, guides, and drivers) we’ll immerse you in the rich culture and everyday life of this special country and its welcoming people to give you a taste of the highly underrated and much misunderstood Cambodian cuisine, about which countless myths exist. We’ll introduce you to the warm, friendly people who cook the food, sell it, and make the ingredients that go into producing it, and in the process show you the Cambodia with which we’ve become smitten.

Highlights include stays in beautiful boutique hotels, delicious meals at authentic local eateries and the best Cambodian restaurants, walks through lively local markets, authentic street food tours, hands-on cooking classes, a 3-day culinary adventure to Cambodia’s ‘rice bowl’ of Battambang, and relaxing tuk tuk trundles into the bucolic countryside surrounding both cities.

The Culinary Tour versus the Retreat

Both the culinary tours and retreats are peppered with mouthwatering experiences, including market walks, street food tours, cooking classes, and restaurant meals. While the culinary tour includes downtime for swims, massages and spa treatments, the retreat is bookended and punctuated with writing and photography workshops and ongoing tasks. The downtime is writing time, whether you choose to hole away in your room or find a shady spot by the pool.

The Retreat focuses on honing your storytelling skills through bite-sized writing and photography workshops; small achievable assignments; coaching and support; and one-on-one consultations. If committed and you take advantage of all the opportunities we provide to get inspired and gather material, you should leave with enough content to craft a compelling story or series of blog posts, as well as a strong set of images. We’re also happy to provide guidance if you have a project in mind.

If that sounds like too much hard work for a holiday, all you really want to do is eat and cook, engage with hospitable locals, and gawk at the temples and rice fields, then the Cambodia Culinary Tour would be better for you. The itinerary is the same, but the workshops are replaced with downtime for spas, massages, walks, shopping etc.

If you’re unsure which trip is right for you, email us for a chat, a detailed itinerary, practical advice (flights, visas, immunisations, etc) and payment info at

2017 Cambodia Creative Retreats and Culinary Tour Highlights

These are some of the enriching experiences that we have planned for you in 2017 and 2018:

  • excursions to the enchanting temples of Angkor Archaeological Park, including sunrise at majestic Angkor Wat; Bayon temple with its towers of serene smiling faces, where the wall carvings provide an introduction to Cambodian cuisine and everyday life; sprawling Preah Khan and pyramid-shaped Pre Rup; and trips to lesser visited temples, such as compact Banteay Srei for the exquisite carvings, atmospheric Beng Mealea, and serene Bakong, surrounded by a moat;
  • memorable dinners at Cambodia’s finest restaurants, such as Cuisine Wat Damnak, Malis, Sugar Palm, Mie Cafe, or The Embassy;
  • authentic meals at our favourite local family-owned eateries and food stalls including breakfasts at spots within Angkor Archaeological Park where only locals eat;
  • hands-on cooking classes with Siem Reap’s best chefs and cooking instructors, from a market walk and cooking class at one of Siem Reap’s finest restaurants, Malis, to a cooking class on an organic farm, where you’ll pick your own ingredients before the lesson;
  • morning market tours with a chef in Siem Reap and a local foodie in Battambang to introduce you to Cambodian ingredients and produce, including tastings of tropical fruits, herbs, snacks and drinks;
  • street food tours in Siem Reap and Battambang led by Cambodians to lively neighbourhood markets and a locals-only ‘eat street’;
  • tuk tuk excursions through the bucolic countryside and lively villages around Siem Reap and Battambang to observe cottage industries where artisanal producer families make things as they have always done, such as fermented rice noodles, prahok (fermented fish), palm sugar harvesting and production, traditional dessert making, and local specialties, such as mango and banana ‘parchment’ and kralan, a sticky rice and coconut snack barbecued in hollow bamboo cases over a smoky fire. These journeys are punctuated by stops at pagodas, temples, farms, and a fishing village;
  • in-depth introductions to elements of Cambodian culinary history and cuisine from breakfast soups and fermented rice noodles to Cambodian street food and traditional desserts;
  • the chance to give back by dining at and learning about NGO-operated social enterprises that train disadvantaged young Cambodians for the restaurant and hospitality industry, such as Friends’ International’s Marum, EGBOK’s Spoons restaurant, Bayon Pastry School and Cafe, or Bloom Cafe in Siem Reap, and in Battambang the Feel Good Coffee company’s award-winning Kinyei cafe and Cambodia Childrens Trust’s Jaan Bai, launched with the support of Thai cuisine expert and one of Asia’s best chefs, David Thompson, and Australian restaurateur John Fink, owner of Quay restaurant, among others;
  • an architecture tour of charming Battambang and its lively streets lined with Chinese shophouses, French colonial villas and New Khmer Architecture’s examples of mid-century modernism, and dotted with cafes, galleries and boutiques, and a Chinese temple, where you can have your fortune read if you wish;
  • a very memorable night’s entertainment at Siem Reap’s quirky Phare Cambodian Circus;
  • a fun Khmer language lesson on basic greetings and food-focused vocabulary (scheduled only for groups of 8 or more); and
  • a visit to Sombai infused rice spirit producers to see their infusion rooms and enjoy a rice wine tasting, followed by a Khmer cocktail making lesson in a delightful bar located in the last traditional wooden house in the old town of Siem Reap (scheduled only if there’s interest).

Optional experiences and add-ons for 2017 & 2018

  • yoga, massages and spa treatments
  • pre-retreat ‘Made in Cambodia’ (shopping) tour focused on artisanal crafts, art, silk/textiles, fashion, and design
  • pre- or post-retreat Apsara performance
  • post-retreat food-focused shopping excursion to additional markets and supermarkets to shop for edible souvenirs and local specialties
  • additional pre- and post-retreat photography workshops/tours
  • special rates through our partners for post-retreat temple tours, excursions, more cooking classes, and accommodation for those who wish to arrive early and/or stay on later 

Please let us know if any of these interest you at the time of booking.

Need More Inspiration?

Click through to salivate over these mouthwatering images from previous culinary travel writing and photography tours. Check out our Instagram feed for images from the experiences, and visit our dedicated Siem Reap Retreats and Tours website.

Participant Testimonials

“Thank you for introducing Estelle and I to parts of Cambodia I had not yet seen. I thought I knew Battambang until you took us into the villages. SO BEAUTIFUL – and all Cambodians are such warm, kind and friendly people. Really awesome! Thank you, Grantourismo.” John Fink, restaurateur and creative director at Fink Group (Quay, Bennelong, Otto, The Bridge Room, Firedoor restaurants), Australia.

“It’s taken me time to let the experiences of my trip to Cambodia percolate downwards, to gather my thoughts and then to put them into some semblance of meaning. I wanted to do justice to the most thoughtful and diligent way that Lara put together the food writing and photography Cambodia tour. The hard work and planning that she did coupled with her enthusiasm for the country and its food, and her own infectiously happy personality made it a trip to cherish in my memory.
Since I had children, my life changed and for the last twenty-five years, long holidays have been spent with my husband and family. The trip was a chance for me to travel independently again, to engage in a different way and experience a new culture. I let go of the ‘wife’ me, the ‘mother’ me, the ‘work’ me, and all my different responsibilities. I could just be me.
I well remember the exhilaration I felt as I landed at Siem Reap Airport at dawn and then rode in a tuk tuk to my first hotel, wondering what the next two weeks would bring. I have precious memories of watching the sun rise over Angkor Wat, travelling on the Bamboo Train at Battambang, and sharing many meals, full of fun and laughter, eating foods that were totally new to me.
I learnt that it was possible for me to be on my own again overseas, to manage locks, keys, safes, lights, air-con, which are all tasks that I have casually left to my husband in the recent past. Trivial they may seem but I think they were all part of the experience that I had to puzzle and sort out these things myself.
I took photos that I am proud of, learned about the Cambodian way of life and I stretched myself in ways I couldn’t imagine.
Now I am home, I am congratulating myself on what a good idea of mine it was to request this holiday rather than a ring or a pair of earrings for my ‘ big birthday’. I realise even more how much I have to be grateful for in my life. I treasure my new friendships and the opportunity to get to know a beguiling country such as Cambodia more intimately through your knowledge and direction.” Kate Roxburgh, cook, caterer, food writer, London, UK.

“This was my first experience with a group tour, and I’m so glad I booked it. Lara crafted a nine-day experience I’ll never forget: from visiting NGOs doing fantastic work for the community, to going to local farms and restaurants highlighting the beautiful Cambodian cuisine. From clambering in and out of breathtaking temples, to meeting Cambodians doing a range of activities, like growing mushrooms, making local sweets and so much more. What I liked about the trip was that it felt as though nothing was impossible. Want to do a Khmer cocktail making class? It can be organised! Want to see your nth temple? Sure, no problem! How about sunrise on top of a hill overlooking Tonle Sap? Yep, done. It was also great to see Grantourismo supporting local initiatives 100%, with all our guides being Cambodians who knew exactly what they were talking about. As an editor who deals with the tourism and hospitality industry, I’ve been hearing a lot about ‘experiential travel’ lately and now I can definitely say I’ve had a taste of what that really means.” Devina Divecha, managing group editor, restaurant and hospitality magazines, Dubai.

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for a lovely week. It has been truly special to be introduced to Cambodia and Cambodian culture via your expertise and guidance. I find myself absolutely smitten with Cambodia and especially its people. I hope our paths cross again one day.” Brad Crownover, academic, writer and actor, New York, USA.

“I couldn’t have been happier with my food travel/culinary travel experience in Cambodia with the the capable and passionate Lara. Lara is completely (and ethically) tuned in to her local/experiential travel niche and very generous in sharing her finds. Our trip had the right mix of free time, local life and joyous group fun with our food. Just say yes to it all.” Therese, food tourist and omnivorous ambivert, Australia. 

“Cambodia – and Cambodian food – is severely under-represented in the global culinary scene, and when I signed up for the Cambodia Culinary Tour, I really had no idea what to expect. Exploring the local markets, street food stalls, cooking classes, and rural countryside with Lara and our lovely local guides was the best way to understand the food, people and culture of Cambodia. The tuk tuk trundles, gorgeous noodle curries, street-style kroeung bbq pork, local rice wine, circus, and the lovely company I was in, truly made this one of the best adventures of my life. Never have I felt more at home in a foreign country than I did on this tour, and would highly recommend you sign up for it immediately! Thank you Lara & Terence!” Divya Desa, restaurant consultant & food blogger, India.

“Making the decision to go to Cambodia was a tricky one for me. First time to a third world country, first time to South East Asia, and first time traveling in a group. In the past I would only travel alone, and liked it that way. However, the trip to Cambodia was the best decision I have made in a long time. I could have never had the experiences I had if I had tried to travel alone. Lara’s local knowledge and insights made the trip so unique and memorable. Getting to see and experience all aspects of the Cambodian way of life will have a life long effect on me. Learning how everything revolved around food and family certainly makes you reflect on Western life and how materialistic it all is.  My trip was a once in a lifetime experience thanks to Lara. Being able to meet the people we met, seeing how the Khmer people live, participating in cooking classes, temple tours, and eating some of the best (and unique) food I have ever eaten. Not only will I never forget this trip, I would certainly love to work with Lara and Terence again in my future travels.” Teagan, marketer and designer, Australia.  

“With her co-host and husband, fellow writer and photographer Terence Carter, Lara introduced us to the flavors of the country that they call home… a Cambodian food market is a keen blitz on the senses. We walked through noisy, crowded markets in Battambang and Siem Reap with local chefs, tripping over plastic colanders filled with still twitching skinned frogs, waving off flies hovering above stacks of raw chicken, and stepping carefully beside bowls of crispy insects and plastic bags pulsing with live eels and snakes. We sought out redolent lemongrass and kaffir limes among baskets full of leafy and fragrant produce. We marvelled at the spectrum of ripening bananas, colorful dragon fruit and regional green-skinned oranges. And we sampled sweet-looking treats, discovering the surprising sourness that both young and old Cambodians love. The Cambodian markets were the liveliest possible expression of the “farm to table” practices that we now treasure in our own home countries.” An excerpt from a post about our October Travel and Food Writing and Photography Retreat by Catherine Fancher, former attorney turned blogger at, USA. Read more on the Culinary Travel Guide

“The best way to get to know a culture is through its food. The food and travel writing and photography retreat allowed me to have an insight and understanding of Cambodian culture and cuisine. We met people who made special foods for sale, we met chefs, and we learned about their spices when we participated in a cooking class. I have never been introduced to so many different tastes, colours and textures. The retreat was a great way to spend a short vacation on a solo trip while being part of a group. I made some good friends and enjoyed the company of people from different countries. I loved going out of town, riding on the dirt roads on the tuk tuks. I saw and met beautiful people. I left with awesome memories, great photos and a happy belly (good food!). This was a wonderful trip. Very adventurous! Thank you for a wonderful time.” Marguerite Beaty, photographer, photography teacher, blogger, Brazil/USA.

“When I read the beautifully detailed itinerary for our retreat I felt it had been written for me. So keeping that in mind I decided this was going to be my 50th birthday celebration. With my sister by my side we took off on our first adult holiday together. Why hadn’t we done this before? What a hoot. Cambodia captured my heart, thank you Lara and Terence. To be introduced to Cambodia through the eyes of people who truly love where they live, and adore and respect these sweet, gentle people of this country, is something very special. The retreat we were part of in May 2016 has put me on a very exciting new path professionally, and I’ll always be so grateful for the inspiration. The food, from eating at the markets to a 5-course meal prepared by a wonderful French chef putting a modern twist on the local cuisine in a traditional Khmer house, was outstanding. Our time in Cambodia was made even more special by having a young Cambodian foodie along for the ride –we all adored Soon and felt so lucky to have that extra insight. When I can I’d love to travel with Lara and Terence again.” Jane Sidell, foodie, designer, traveller, keen photographer.

“We’ve finally had a chance to settle in and marinate over the ten days we spent with you both in Cambodia. I can’t believe how much we accomplished! You both were the reason we signed up for the experience, and we are so grateful that we did. There was many an occasion through our time together where mum, Farida and I realised that these were things that we simply could not have done on our own. I’m realising that my notes and photos are falling severely short of piecing together the extensive story you had woven for us in Cambodia, we did so much! From meeting chefs to getting special seats at the circus or getting a tour of the local market by Mr Kim Nou (my favourite!) or Mr Ol’s countryside tour (another favourite!), these were all possibly only because of the relationships you both have nurtured over time. Thank you for being so generous by sharing the people and knowledge that were critical for us to get a deeper understanding of the country. But most importantly, for being the most caring and concerned guides we’ve ever had! On behalf of Farida and mum, thank you for giving us such a memorable experience and for sharing all your insights. A big biryani thank you dinner awaits you at our table. Big hugs and many thank you’s for all the chneng! (delicious) food experiences we had.” Arva and Farida, founders of Frying Pan Adventures food tour operators and mum Nafeesa, UAE. 

“On the Cambodia Culinary Tour I really enjoyed photographing the markets and temples, and especially the people. Riding the bamboo train was a real kick, and the G&T’s we had afterwards were sublime. And I loved having cocktails at Ms Wong’s! Really, the best part of traveling with Lara and Terence was that it was like having friends that live locally, and can show you around, taking you to all the cool places.” Debbie, designer, USA. 

“I felt that the trip really let me experience a full spectrum of life in Cambodia. I think about our trip oftenAnd in a very positive way. Today I stumbled upon a Thai festival which generated a lot of memories. Thanks to you and Terry for an incredible experience.” Kimberley, events manager, USA.

“Thanks so much for a wonderful tour. This has been an extraordinary experience!” Gale, USA.

About Us

If you’re new to Grantourismo, we’re prolific travel and food writers and guidebook authors and Terence is a photographer concentrating on ‘people, places and plates’. We’ve been writing professionally since the late ’80s and our work has been published in The Guardian, Australian Gourmet Traveller, Delicious, Feast, National Geographic Traveller/Traveler, Conde Nast Traveller China, Wanderlust, CNN Travel, The Telegraph, The Independent, Travel+Leisure Southeast Asia, DestinAsian, International Traveller, Get Lost, Sunday Times Travel Magazine, and a long list of over a hundred other publications, including in-flights and hotel magazines, from Hemispheres to Raffles.

We also have some 60-odd guidebook commissions under our belts for the likes of Lonely Planet, Dorling Kindersley, Footprint, Rough Guides, Fodors, and Thomas Cook, which includes authoring 25 first edition guidebooks, and updating and contributing chapters to others. Add to that hundreds of hotel reviews for the Lonely Planet site, i-escape and Mr & Mrs Smith among other hotel booking sites, and online destination guides and stories for everything from AFAR to the award winning Marriott Traveller site.

We’ve written widely on Cambodia and its cuisine and are currently writing a Cambodia cookbook, which partly explains why Terence can often be found in our Siem Reap kitchen pounding kroeung pastes in the mortar and pestle and my favourite place to be in the world is in a rustic Cambodian kitchen interviewing little old ladies, as such more their recipes as their life stories. I also craft bespoke ‘Savour Siem Reap’ and Cambodia food-focused itineraries and my clients have included some of the world’s best chefs and restaurateurs. Click through to read more about us, peruse some of our published work and view Terence’s photography portfolio and article clippings.


VIP airport arrival including visa fast-track (you pay for your own visa)
Hotel transfers if you arrive/depart within 24 hours before/after the tour
All accommodation on a one person per room basis with no single supplement and twins/doubles on request
All daily breakfasts
Almost all lunches and dinners and lots of snacks
Angkor Archaeological Park temple passes (valued at US$62 for three days) and Beng Mealea temple pass (US$5)
All tours, excursions, activities, experiences, classes, and entry fees
All transport and guides
On the Retreats, all tuition, writing and photography workshops, and one-on-one consultations

Visa (US$30)
Travel insurance (compulsory)
Hotel incidentals such as laundry, mini-bar, calls, room service, etc
All drinks and alcoholic drinks, except water on tours and excursions
Personal expenses
Tips for guides and drivers

More Important Details

Here’s some more important information you need to know about our Cambodia creative retreats and culinary tours:

  • trip itineraries – we’ll email you an itinerary from our most recent trip when you make an enquiry, however, your best guide as to what to expect of our trips is the list of Highlights above. Your trip itinerary will not be finalised until one week before your trip starts. This is because we are constantly enhancing our trips with small tweaks and sometimes major structural changes based on the experience of each trip, and this is something that sets us apart from big travel companies. Factors that affect itineraries include participant feedback, weather, seasons, road conditions, public or religious holidays, changes to opening hours or performance times, special events, group numbers, guide/accommodation availability, and quality of experience, eg. if a restaurant or tour is no longer as good as it was we swap it for another. Itineraries are subject to change until the trip ends.
  • group size – these are fully-escorted small group trips with a maximum of 12 people, but groups tend to average 6-8 people. This means they’re nice and intimate, we’re not intrusive when we visit locals, everyone gets attention when it comes to one-on-one consultations and workshopping on the Retreats, and people always leave as friends. (We also offer private escorted trips for 1+ participant(s) and independent itineraries based on these tours; email us for details).
  • booking – a non-refundable deposit of US$500 is required to make a booking. We cannot hold your place until we receive your deposit, sorry. See more about prices and payments below.
  • inclusions & exclusions – see above.
  • immunisations/vaccinations – ensure routine vaccines are up to date, eg. MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), diphtheria, and tetanus. Other vaccines recommended are Hepatitis A and Typhoid, which you can get from contaminated water and food. If you attract stray dogs, a Rabies shot is a good idea. You might need vaccinations for Hepatitis B, Japanese Encephalitis and Malaria, depending on where you’re travelling and what you plan to get up to before/after our trip. You won’t need malarials if staying in cities and exploring the temples and countryside around Siem Reap, Battambang and Phnom Penh. For more detailed professional advice, see the Australian Government’s Smart Traveller site, the UK’s NHS site, and the American Centre for Disease Control and Prevention site. See our Siem Reap and Angkor Wat FAQs post for more details.
  • airport info – as the trips begin and end in Siem Reap, Siem Reap International Airport is where you need to arrive, however, if you are intending to see more of Cambodia after our trip, then there is an airport in Sihanoukville if you’re heading to the beach, islands, Kampot and Kep, while Phnom Penh International Airport will be your departure point if you are travelling to the capital.
  • visas – everyone needs a visa for Cambodia, easily obtained at the airport for US$30 (complete the immigration and customs forms on the plane, bring 2 passport photos, ensure your passport has 6 months validity, and your US$ notes are crisp). E-Visas, obtained online, will save some time in the queue during high season (December to March) but aren’t necessary the rest of the year.
  • airport transfers – transfers from Siem Reap International Airport are included for all trips unless you arrive earlier than 24 hours before a trip commences or depart 24 hours or more after a trip ends. In those cases you can organise a transfer easily upon arrival at Siem Reap International Airport for US$7 (tuk tuk) or $10 (vehicle). You will see the glassed-in office when you are at the luggage carrousel waiting for you bags. If you extend your stay in Cambodia beyond 24 hours we can assist you with booking a driver for your departure or any onward travel.
  • transport – we’ll use breezy tuk tuks for short distances and air-conditioned vehicles for long distances. All journeys in the itineraries are included. Drivers are available to take you wherever you wish to go during your downtime for an additional fee.
  • accommodation – our trip participants stay in beautiful, small boutique hotels, which we’ve personally selected because we’ve stayed in them and love them. Over the years, we have checked our guests into the following Siem Reap hotels: Sala Lodges, Maison Polanka, Templation, and Lynnaya; and Battambang hotels: Maisons Wat Kor and Bambu. Let us know if you need to book additional nights at these hotels before or after the trip and we’ll connect you directly to the hotel(s). You’ll find more of our recommended hotels on the links.
  • food & drink – breakfast is included at all properties, along with most lunches and almost all dinners, and lots of snacks and tastings on excursions, market walks, and street food tours. Water will be provided in your room and on tours. Alcohol and other drinks are not included and will be billed to your room at the hotels or at restaurants the bill will be passed around and guests expected to contribute their share at the end of meals. Please ensure you have US$ on you throughout the trip. There are ATMs everywhere in Siem Reap and Battambang and our tuk tuk drivers can take you to a bank or currency exchange.
  • guides & tours – as advocates of responsible travel, we only use Cambodian guides for all our temple, village and food tours, and only partner with local Cambodia travel companies. Full details in the itinerary. We encourage you to read our post on Travelling Responsibly in Cambodia and Why It Matters and Our Guide to Responsible Travel in Cambodia.
  • travel insurance – it is essential that you buy comprehensive travel insurance before you leave your home country that includes emergency medical evacuation cover and cover for trip cancellation and travel disruption. The emergency medical evacuation cover is essential in case you are ill or have an accident and you need to be transported to Bangkok for treatment. Coverage for trip cancellation and travel disruption is advisable in case you need to cancel or postpone your trip to Cambodia for some reason and/or if your flight is cancelled/delayed, you miss a connection, or there are strikes, which are frequent in Europe over summer.
  • our travel insurance partner – we have tried many travel insurers over our decades of travelling and we recommend World Nomads travel insurance. Because we like them so much we joined their affiliate partnership and earn a small commission from your purchase of insurance through our site; you do not pay any more than you would if you purchased directly from their site.

For information on immunisations, visas, money matters, weather, what to wear, packing list, reading lists, and more, see our Siem Reap and Angkor Wat FAQs post.

2017 Cambodia Creative Retreats and Culinary Tours – Dates, Prices and Special Offers

SPECIAL OFFERS: we sometimes offer a limited number of discounted places on each trip for short periods of time: early bird discounts so we can lock in prices with our local tour company/hotel partners (in Cambodia prices are subject to increase at any time and we need to adjust our prices accordingly; your price will only be locked in once you have paid) and last minute discounts to fill the final few spots on a trip. Just a few of these discounted places are available on each trip and they go quickly. Conditions and deadlines vary, but they generally include a 5% discount on deposits by a certain date and a further 5% off the balance by a certain date.

26 May-3 June 2017 (check out 4 June) 
9-Night Cambodia Culinary Tour
US$2,755 per person*
This tour has ended! See our social media channels (links below) for pics from the trip.

9-18 June 2017 (check out 19 June)
10-Night Cambodia Travel and Food Writing and Photography Retreat
US$2,555 per person*
This trip has ended. Check out our social media accounts for pics from trip. Links below.

21 June-20 July 2017
20-day Vietnam Culinary Tour
Prices starting from US$3,664 pp*
Details here. This trip has ended. Check out our journey on social media. Links below.

September and October 2017

23 September-1 October 2017 (check out 2 October)
9-Night Cambodia Culinary Tour
US$2,855 per person*
LAST MINUTE DISCOUNT* We’ve extended discounts on two spots on this trip until 25 July. To receive 10% off and pay US$2,570 or leave a US$500 deposit now to receive 5% off and pay US$2,712. We must close trip bookings on this one ASAP, so do hurry.

7-16 October 2017 (check out 17 October)
10-Night Cambodia Travel and Food Writing and Photography Retreat
US$2,855 per person*
LAST MINUTE DISCOUNT* We’re now offering discounts on a few spots only on this trip until 25 July. To receive 10% off and pay US$2,570 or leave a US$500 deposit now to receive 5% off and pay US$2,712. We need to close bookings on this trip ASAP too.

21-30 October 2017 (check out 31 October)
10-Night Cambodia Culinary Tour
US$2,955 per person*  
THIS TRIP IS FILLING FAST! Pay in full by 30 July to receive 10% off and pay US$2,660 or leave a US$500 deposit now to receive 5% off and pay US$2,807. We must close this trip soon. Only two spots at this price.


19–27 May (check out 28 May)
9-Night Cambodia Culinary Tour
US$2,955 per person*

2-10 June 2018 (check out 11 June)
9-Night Eat, Learn, Love Cambodia
Cambodian cuisine and culture, punctuated with temples, villages, arts/crafts, shopping, spas, with a focus on ‘giving back’.
More details and prices coming soon!

16-24 June 2018 (check out 25 June)
9-Night Eat, Learn, Love Cambodia – The Luxury Edition NEW
Cambodian cuisine and culture, punctuated with temples, villages, arts/crafts, shopping, spas, and exclusive experiences, with a focus on ‘giving back’. A portion of each fee will go to NGO/charity projects, such as books and materials for schools, water filters/wells, donations, a new home for a poor family, etc.
More details and prices coming soon!

30 June–9 July 2018 (check out 10 July)
10-Night Cambodia Travel & Food Writing Retreat – the Monsoon Edition! NEW
US$2,955 per person*
EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT* Only 3 spots available at this price: get in early and pay in full by 15 July 2017 to receive 10% off and pay US$2,660 or leave a US$500 deposit now to receive 5% off and pay US$2,848.

*Important Notes
1.The 2017 and 2018 package prices are higher than 2016 due to local price increases, including the Angkor Pass, which nearly doubled in price.
2.Price variations are also due to seasonal rate changes: November to February is high season when the weather is cool, clear and dry, so accommodation prices are high; April and May are the shoulder season when the sky is still clear and weather dry but it’s hot; June is the start of the low season and most affordable time to visit Cambodia, however, it is also the start of monsoon, which means there can be a chance of rain. By October it’s nearing the end of monsoon, and it’s gorgeous, lush and green.
3.A place will be held for you when the non-refundable deposit of US$500 is paid. The price advertised at the time you booked can only be locked in when the full amount is paid due to local (often unexpected) price increases, such as the Angkor Pass increase. Once paid in full, this amount is non-refundable.
4.Travel insurance is compulsory and must trip cancellation and emergency medical evacuation.
5.These prices are for scheduled small group tours – we also run these trips as private tours and group tours throughout the year on dates of your choosing. Email to enquire about pricing.
6.We run these trips during the low monsoon season to take advantage of lower prices and fewer people. The peak high season periods November and February, and the shoulder period of March and April, are more expensive.

More Dates TBC

Long Weekend Retreats

Some of you have asked for shorter, more intensive travel and food writing/blogging and photography retreats over long weekends. We are still exploring options for 2017 and will let you know ASAP if we can make something work. If these interest you, please do let us know.

2017 Dates for Culinary Tours to Vietnam

Participants who did our Cambodia retreats and tours asked us to host Vietnam and Laos culinary tours and retreats. If these interest, do let us know ASAP. We have scheduled the Vietnam trip and you’ll find details here.

Making an Enquiry or Booking

To make a booking or learn more about our Cambodia creative retreats and culinary tours please email us on and we’ll send you an itinerary and payment information. To book your place, a US$500 non-refundable deposit is required. Bookings close 60 days before each trip for all low season trips, except where last minute spots become available.

Media and Blogger Affiliate Programme

If you are a food/travel blogger and would like to be part of our affiliate programme to earn money as you help us promote our Cambodia creative retreats and culinary tours or if you’re a journalist or blogger who would like to write about our trips and need a media release and images, please email us on the address above.

Sponsors and Candidates

We are offering one sponsored spot to young Cambodians on each of our Cambodia creative retreats and culinary tours. If you’d like to nominate a Cambodian candidate for these, or you’re a business or individual who’d like to sponsor a place, please email us on the same address above.

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