Cooking School in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam.

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When we introduced the new Grantourismo design two months ago we hinted at big changes ahead for the site. Most of these will come in 2015 to coincide with the 5th anniversary of Grantourismo, which we launched in 2010 when we kicked off our yearlong grand tour.

Yesterday we revealed that we’ve partnered with Backyard Travel to offer EAT LEARN LOVE CAMBODIA, a Culinary Travel Writing Tour that will offer creative stimulation amongst the Angkor temples, tranquil villages and rice paddies of northwest Cambodia next May. More details to come on that experience next week!

Today, we have more exciting news to share…

New subscriber-only newsletter and travel prizes

In early 2015 we’ll be sending out the first of our monthly Grantourismo newsletters. These will include special subscriber-only content that won’t be on the site, including insider interviews, travel tips, and discounts and deals from travel companies in the destinations we cover, and – because it’s our 5th birthday – presents for you: travel prizes throughout the year.

Chance to win a Backyard Travel Saigon Tour

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We told you all about Asia-based Backyard Travel yesterday. If you’re a regular reader you might have seen the name before as we’ve experienced quite a few of their tours for stories we’ve written. We love them because they’re local, they use local guides, and they offer authentic insider experiences that align with our travel style – slow, sustainable, local, and experiential.

When the generous people at Backyard Travel offered the chance for one of our subscribers to win a tour, they invited us to choose from a handful of trips. And it was a tough decision as they made us decide between three of our favourite places, as well as a place we’re dying to go.

We selected the private four-day tour to Saigon (or Ho Chi Minh City as it’s more officially but less fondly called) in Vietnam, as we not only know the city well and know you’ll love it, but we’ve also tried out many of the experiences on their tour. And as you know, we have a policy on Grantourismo of only recommending things we’ve tried firsthand.

The private INSIDERS SAIGON: CUISINE ARCHITECTURE AND THE ARTS tour really allows you to get beneath the skin of Saigon in four days and experience the quieter parts of the chaotic city that you might not get to on your own. Among other things, you’ll do a fascinating architecture walk with a local historian, explore the city on the back of a vintage Vespa, do a bike ride on peaceful Thanh Da Island, get an insight into the art scene with a local painter, and round off the trip with a market tour and cooking class. Yes, there had to be cooking and eating in there somewhere!

If you need some inspiration, click through to see all our Saigon stories.

How to enter to win the Backyard Travel Saigon Tour

  1. Subscribe to the new Grantourismo newsletter below. Yep, that’s all!
  2. The giveaway closes end of March 2015 when will be used to randomly select one winner.
  3. The winner will be announced in early April 2015.

More about your prize

  • The four-day trip itinerary is described on the link above
  • Travel must be before 30 December 2015
  • The trip is valid for 2 people sharing the same room
  • Accommodation is boutique level
  • Flights and visas are not included

And, hey, if you do win, make sure you let us know when you’re going – we may be there at the same time and could meet up to share travel stories over cocktails!

That delicious dish pictured above? One of the salads we made at the Saigon Cooking Class at beautiful Hoa Tuc restaurant, which you’ll get to do if you win the Backyard Travel Saigon Tour. More on the class soon.



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