Jun 18

Travel Packing Cubes Giveaway


We were recently offered these handy travel packing cubes to test out and we have a few sets of four to give away to our readers.

I’m told they were designed by a frequent traveller who, after experiencing a few embarrassing incidents going through airport security, decided he needed to create something that tucked away personal items from public view, yet could still be visible enough as to be identifiable by Security. (I didn’t dare ask what those personal items were.)

While it’s been a long time since Customs have asked us to open our bags (it was a regular event during all the years we lived in Dubai – and not what you think), we do like to keep things organized – especially when Terence and I get to travel light and share a bag.

We tend to compartmentalise things as it is. Terence has always used similar little bags to store camera bits and pieces and cables. I currently have toiletries, cosmetics and jewellery stored in an array of different purses and cases I’ve picked up on our travels, everywhere from hill tribe villages to local markets. While they’re pretty they’re probably not so practical and they do end up falling apart after a while.

These packs, called Egobags (and don’t ask me why), are made from nylon and mesh, and appear more durable, hardwearing, water-resistant, and longer-lasting than the Chinese satin purses I picked up in Hong Kong. The only thing I’m not a fan of is the colour, but then I’m very picky. A ‘luxury’ line is apparently being released soon in a range of colours.

They can be bought on Amazon but if you want to win a set, tell us very briefly in the Comments below what sort of things you’d stow away in your Egobags. Best three answers each win a set of four. This giveaway ends 18 July, 2013. Winners names will be posted here then.


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  1. Monica

    I’d use the smallest one for toiletries – mainly because I always overpack toiletries so a small packing cube would force me to cut down on all the unnecessary lotions and potions and stick to the basics.
    I’d use one for dirty clothes to keep them away from all my nice clean ones. There’s nothing worse than putting on a t-shirt and realizing it has a huge stain when it’s too late to change!
    I’d get a discreet pad lock for one and use it to stash my iPad when I can’t take it out with me. No one would think to look in a packing cube filled with clothes for anything valuable!

    1. Lara Dunston

      Great ideas, Monica! I always end up with too many toiletries too!

  2. Yilin

    It’s great to hear that you’re giving these away. I would use the bigger ones to store clothing and the smaller ones to pack travel guides, and other small items. I’m going to study abroad as an exchange student starting in September, so these would really come in handy.

    1. Lara Dunston

      Thanks, Yilin! I’m sure they’d come in handy on your study abroad trip.

  3. Dale

    These look fantastic, a nice looking set.

    My answer:
    I’d carry all the extra pairs of socks that suddenly appear when it comes round to my birthday and Christmas. Even as a traveller, you still get these ‘Man Gifts’!

    1. Lara Dunston

      Thanks, Dale! That’s a lot of socks you travel with! :)

  4. Katie Contests

    I’m a compartmentalizer too! I’m a packing nerd… I love getting ready for trips! Everything has its place. I usually group my shower items together (just in case something spills) in plastic bags that I can toss in case of disaster. These bags would be great for my sanity & the environment!

    I’d stow away something I swear I’ll never need while traveling but my cavalier attitude always bites me in the butt: TOILET PAPER. Without fail I find that I could use TP for numerous purposes. Besides the most obvious use, you can use TP for cleaning sunglasses/eyeglasses, as soft packing material for fragile items, for removing makeup or dirt… pretty much anything that requires something soft, durable, and/or absorbent. You can even use the inner cardboard tubes to protect your power cords or delicate clothes!

    Oh, and hotel toilet paper sucks. :P

    1. Lara Dunston

      Interesting ideas for toilet paper usage there, Katie! I guess the quality depends on what sort of hotels you’re staying at :)

  5. Delia

    We travel with our four year old so these
    Would be really handy for storing all of his belongings.
    We always take extra clothing, medicine, and things to keep him entertained with. With these bags we could have a really organized carry on bag:)

    1. Lara Dunston

      They would be super for families, wouldn’t they? Thanks for dropping by!

  6. Molly

    I love packing for a trip and these cubes would help me organize and maybe even pack lighter! (something I’m still working on even after 14+ years of traveling)

    I would use the cubes for storing dirty laundry, souvenirs for family and friends, small mementos from my hometown in Virginia to give to a host family or locals, and teaching essentials (notecards, markers, tape, etc.) for my classroom (I travel and teach English as a second language).

    1. Lara Dunston

      You love packing?! My dream is to be able to unpack somewhere at the moment. Lived out of our suitcases for too many years. All good ideas, though – thanks!

  7. Lisa j

    Im often envious of the simplicity of men’s clothing (a man can wear a suit 10 more times than a woman can get away wearing the same dress). But when we pack for trips, I feel like I finally get my revenge when I see a small cotton mountain of socks and boxer shorts my husband plans to bring. So he gets a cube or two for undies. I always like to keep my pjs easily accessible so I can get comfy and crash right away, these cubes will help me keep wheat from chafe.

    1. Lara Dunston

      Thanks, Lisa!

  8. Elisabeth

    I have an itinerant wanderlust that has taken me all over the world. Unfortunately, I’m a serial over-packer. I would use these packing cubes to limit the amount of “stuff” I take with me.

    I would use the small bags for toiletries and makeup. I would also use the mesh as earring holders so I’m not scrabbling around at the bottom of my bag for my studs. As for the larger packs I would use one as a laundry bag and the other as my “essentials bag”. One day outfit and one evening outfit that I could just reach for when I’m in a rush and don’t have time to go through all the clothes I brought with me.

    1. Lara Dunston

      Great idea! I used to over-pack too. Mainly because we were permanently on the road and often going to so many different geographical/climatic zones and doing an array of activities on the one trip. At the moment, sharing a bag with Terence, which forced me to down-size. I’ve been doing the one evening outfit for a while too. Good luck, Elisabeth!

  9. Chelsea

    Out of season clothes, definitely! When I’ve gone on trips that span seasons (leave in summer, return in winter), it’s nice to be able to segregate the cold-weather stuff (like ‘toques’, which is what we call Canadians call beanies or knit caps) from the bathers and sundresses.

    Especially helpful as the weeks go by and my bag gets less and less organized…segregation helps!

    1. Lara Dunston

      Great ideas, Chelsea! Thanks for that!

  10. Janet

    Hmm all these wonderful, practical answers. However, I must tell the truth. I stuff all my dirty underwear in the front section of my bag, it makes excellent anti-theft security. In the more protected guts of the case ride my treasured gourmet purchases. EgoBags look VERY suspiciously like a food pyramid categorisation system to me! The small bag for anything truffle or fudge…the next size for jams…the third size for homemade granolas, and the odd squashed croissant or three…and the large one for wine, glorious wine! What a relief not to find the clotted cream fudge steamrolled by the raspberry jam now lost amidst biscuit crumbs…I have a Tasmanian economy to support, you know :)

    1. Lara Dunston

      Thanks for the response, Janet! I’ll suggest to their marketing folks that they put waterproof (in case anything leaks) food storage cubes on their product development schedule :)

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