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Sinoele iPhone Power Station

Sinoele iPhone power station 1800.

We’ve become addicted to our iPhones and now we’re addicted to the Sinoele iPhone Power Station.

We’re not Apple ‘zealots’, ‘fanboys’ or part of the ‘apple faithful’ (don’t get me started on what a rubbish piece of hardware my 2007 MacBook Pro is), but Apple changed mobile devices forever with the iPhone’s browser and the apps we religiously use like Camera+, Instragram and my favourite Twitter client, Tweetbot.

Using these apps plus Google, the inbuilt maps application, and checking our email, often leaves our iPhones battery-dead by 3pm. That is, of course, if we haven’t gone to bed so late that we’ve forgotten to recharge our iPhones the night before…

I had seen rechargeable batteries for the iPhone 4, such as the Mophie Juice pack, but found it a little too bulky for my needs. So when Roaming Connections approached us to try out some new battery packs, including the iPhone emergency battery we said absolutely!

When the Sinoele iPhone Power Station turned up via courier, we were surprised at just how small the unit was. While it’s only roughly one-third of the height of the phone, it’s thicker and while the finish is similar to the iPhone, it lacks the ‘heft’ of having an aluminum enclosure.

Once charged via a USB 2 cable, I took it out for the day. At around 3pm I had to plug it in as the iPhone’s battery was down to five percent. Even though I was using the phone heavily, as the battery charge transferred the iPhone reached 82% charged within about 20 minutes.

Given that the rechargeable battery fits into the change pocket of a pair of jeans – and costs little more than what you have in there, to me it’s a no-brainer.

The size and the way it fits onto the dock connector makes it a little clumsy to use while connected, especially if you use an iPhone flip case. However, if you put down the phone for half an hour (not possible for Lara!) and let it charge without using it, then disconnect it, it’s a small inconvenience that’s worth it.

Now I just have to remember to charge the thing every night, just like my iPhone…

Roaming Connections will be giving away some handy travel gadgets to our readers, including the Sinoele iPhone Power Station, in a competition we’ll soon be running here once we test out another couple of their products. Watch this space!

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  1. Sandy O'Sullivan

    Great stuff. For me, as an iPhone user, it’s running the maps/location services. They’re really important for me when I’m travelling – and that’s when I’m using them more/and less likely to have access to charging in the same way. It’s really tricky, I’m so glad you guys are talking about this… because it’s all of these connectivity/battery/access issues that always ends up taking so much of my time and preoccupying me when I’m travelling with work. I don’t mean to whinge, but I feel like it should all be a lot easier and any of these extras I’m happy to pack if they solve these problems.

  2. Terence Carter

    Hi Sandy,
    After living with the Power Station for a couple more weeks, I really love the thing. Being a photographer, I’m always making sure that I have all may batteries on charge overnight so I always start off the day with my iPhone fully charged as well as the Power Station. Have not run out of power during a long day since. Well worth it – maybe get two, they’re so cheap!

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