Jul 18

Postcards from Sydney and a Giveaway from UPrinting

UPrinting Grantourismo Sydney Postcards.

Dear Grantouristas

We’re in Sydney and absolutely loving being back in our breathtakingly beautiful hometown after years being away. However, this isn’t really a postcard about Sydney. It’s a postcard from Sydney about postcards and postcard printing.

Wish you were here! 
Lara & Terence xx

P.S. Read on…

If you’ve read my Cool Travel Guide blog then you may know that I’ve always loved postcards – from the time my mother went to Tokyo when I was a child and sent me these fantastic postcards with 3D images of spectacular Japanese landscapes, temples and geishas.

I won’t prattle on again about postcards – but yes, I do still collect them and occasionally send them – because you can read all about that here in my posts Postcard Stories, Postcards: Does Anyone Still Send Them?, Postcards: Does Anyone Read Them?, Postcards to my Mum, and Postcards: Our Processes of Selection and Identity Formation. See, I told you I was a little obsessed.

What I wanted to tell you about here was a brilliant online printing service called UPrinting. The nice people from UPrinting contacted us recently and kindly offered to let us test out their product and service – and give away the same product we selected to one of our readers.

UPrinting produce all sorts of printed stuff – business cards, calendars, canvas prints, menus, posters, door hangers, stickers, you name it (you can see their full list of products on the site) – however, naturally we chose to test out some postcards.

Seeing we’re in Sydney and Terence has been taking some stunning iPhone photos, he decided to create a postcard from Sydney in snapshots from the iPhone.

After Terence produced the artwork, the process of ordering online and submitting the file took a matter of minutes. (It’s super-affordable too, at $33.60 for 100 cards.) Confirmation was immediate, printing took two days, and delivery all the way from the USA to Australia took four days – the same time it takes to send something from Perth to Sydney!

We’re really pleased with the result. The quality of printing and card used are superb. And our postcard is very cool too. You can get a glimpse of the finished cards above, but if you want a closer look, let me know in the comments below and I’ll post you one.

Even better, if you’d like to create your own postcards and have UPrinting to do them for you for free, just tell us why in one sentence in the comments below. The best answer gets the chance to get 100 postcards of their own printed and delivered at no cost!

So, how do you get your own 100 postcards printed?
* Tell us in one sentence: why you want to get some postcards printed.
* Leave your answer in the Comments below.
* The best answer will be selected by UPrinting.
* The winner gets to order 100 postcards online free-of-charge.
* Note: this giveaway is open to US residents only.
* The giveaway ends Sunday 30 September.
* And once again, this is an easy one, so don’t miss out!

UPDATE 7/10/12
We’ve had lots of mysterious problems with the link to this post which kept getting corrupted unfortunately. We seem to have fixed it now, so to be fair on the sponsor UPrinting, we’ve extended this giveaway deadline until Sunday 21 October. Last chance to enter starts now! Same rules apply above.


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  1. Sonya

    There is nothing I love more than a receiving a handwritten letter and, like everything in life, I believe you have to give in order to receive… imagine if I gave 100 postcards!!!

    1. Lara Dunston

      Hi Sonya – lovely reason! Best of luck!

  2. Hannah

    I would want to get some postcards printed because sometimes I want to send a slice of my travels home to those people I wish could be with me, and an e-mail just doesn’t cut it!

    1. Lara Dunston

      Great reason, Hannah! Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Natsumi

    I love this giveaway!

    I am also a travelling photographer/designer and since I’m currently in the middle of my travels, I would love the opportunity to send my own unique postcards to my family and friends from across the world!


    1. Lara Dunston

      Hi Natsumi – thanks for your entry! Best of luck!

  4. Kiki

    I would use the postcards to greet friends and family in the US and EU while reminding them there is truly more to life in Cairo – my current adopted home – than scary politics, crime and pyramids!

    1. Lara Dunston

      Thanks, Kiki! Great reason! Thanks for dropping by!

  5. Lara Dunston

    Dear readers

    U Printing pointed out that something went wrong with our link soon after we uploaded this post. Unfortunately we’ve been so busy travelling we haven’t been able to fix it until now.

    We’ve therefore extended the deadline for one week.

    U Printing are looking for one great reason – in one sentence – as to why you want to get your own postcards printed. Please leave your answers below.


  6. Holly

    Hi guys,
    I’d love to win this because me and the fiance are planning a budget wedding in order that we can go on a fantastic honeymoon! These would be great for either invites or thank you postcards from our romantic honeymoon beach hut!

    1. Lara Dunston

      That’s one terrific reason! Best of luck, Holly.

  7. JoAnna

    I’m a snail mail nut, but I’m always buying stationery with other people’s artwork on it. Though I love that, I’d love to put my own art on some postcards to send through the mail.

    1. Lara Dunston

      I love snail mail too! I would love a return to the letter-writing days. And, yes, totally agree, the chance to put your own art-work on the cards is a huge appeal. I just loved the Sydney cards we had done with all of Terence’s wonderful photos on them. Best of luck!

  8. Lindsey

    I’d love to be able to transform my photographs into stationery that I can send to friends and family all year round.

    1. Lara Dunston

      Nice idea. I’d love to do that too :)

  9. Agness (@Agnesstramp)

    I love sending postcards, but when I travel I’m too busy to send one postcard to everyone I want to, but I try my best. I am collecting postcards from different parts of the world, so one day I’ll stick them all on my wall as a wallpaper :-). Great idea guys and happy travels!

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