Jun 24

Sony No More Bad Photos Contest – the Winners

Monks in Bangkok.

A few weeks ago, at the invitation of Sony Australia, Grantourismo and a dozen other blogs launched a contest called No More Bad Photos. As we don’t really have any bad photos on Grantourismo thanks to the fact that one of us is a professional photographer and that person is obviously not me, I decided to accept the challenge.

I was given two new Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX20V cameras – one for myself to play around with and the other to give away to a Grantourismo reader – and I was asked to select a photo I’d taken on my travels that I was unhappy with and would re-shoot if given the chance. That photo is the one you see above. My goal was to encourage discussion on this blog about the photo I’d chosen, how I’d improve it if given the opportunity, and how I might improve it by using the Sony Cyber-shot camera.

My incentive was the chance to win a $10,000 holiday for Terence and I, during which I’d take a much better picture than the one above, incorporating all of your brilliant advice, while your incentive to comment was the fantastic little Sony Cyber-shot camera with all its incredible functions – 18.2 mega-pixels, 20x optical zoom, high-speed auto-focus, intelligent sweep panorama, HD video, GPS, etc, and, yes, I know I’m at risk of sounding like a bit of a saleswoman here, sorry. But it is a spectacular bit of camera.

Well, I have some excitingnews that I’ve been containing for a few days, apart from a quiet mention on Facebook and Twitter, as I really wanted to make both announcements at once…

Thanks to all of you who left such thoughtful, insightful, creative, and very comprehensive advice and ideas on this post, along with lots of lovely words of encouragement and support, I have actually (and yes, I’m still quite stunned) won a very badly-needed holiday for Terence and I. And, yes, I know, I’ve been told on Twitter “But isn’t every day a holiday for you travel writers?” Well the truth is, we haven’t had a holiday in seven years and we work seven days a week, from the time we wake until the time we sleep, taking only a few days off at Christmas to spend with family and friends, so, um, no, it’s most definitely not! So, thank you, thank you, and a sincere thanks too to SONY Australia.

The judges’ decision is also now in on that other handsome little prize too, and I really wish we had cameras to give away to all of you, because you all left such helpful comments. However, there were two comments that really stood out, because they not only addressed how I could improve my photo, but also how I could improve it using the Cyber-shot’s many functions.

The winner of the camera is Denbossa_Dude for his very specific tips on exactly which functions I can use to achieve each of the outcomes. And…

The runner-up is Kenneth (@emeow) for some detailed advice that made use of many of the camera’s functions. Unfortunately, I don’t have a runner-up prize yet, so Kenneth, I’m going to have to buy you something when I take that holiday!

Thanks again – sincerely – to everyone who participated. We really appreciated the time you took and thought you put into your tips.

Watch this space for more details about our holiday and the new photo I’m going to take, based on your superb advice! xx


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  1. Sandy O'Sullivan

    I want to add my thanks! That was such a brilliant response to it, I learned heaps! And, more importantly, I worked out a great camera to get… and the stuff about the GPS (which was actually *your* advice to me) came at both an untimely (wish I thought of it a year ago) and also timely (I can get one now) place in the research! The truth, for me, is that these smaller cameras are about a combo of size, capacity to take a shot by a sloppy photographer (me) that isn’t blurry, can fit everything in, and works with different levels of light. I need something for reference work, to remember, to think about it later, for it to be accurate and work across a range of both moving and not moving images. Such a tricky thing to get in a camera… but since neither my Nikon big camera nor my Panasonic smaller, but robust camera do it, I’m inclined to give Sony a try. Honestly I’m excited about the GPS thingie, but mostly I think I just need some better camera techniques. I still worry that as soon as I stop using a bigger camera, I forget that I can take a photo (or I’m focusing on something else). All of the tips were amazing for me… I just have to keep them as a cheat sheet in my brain!
    Thanks again everyone!!!

    1. Lara Dunston

      Thanks, Sandy!!! Yeah, there were lots of great tips in those comments, weren’t there? Even for us media production practitioners – I keep forgetting I used to teach this stuff (seems like a former life!) and studied it for so many years (in a former-former life!). But you’re right, I think when we put down the big cameras and focus on all that other stuff (the observing, note-taking, interviewing etc), we do get a little lazy and forget the skills and knowledge of techniques we had. The aesthetics is always in my head, that never goes away, I just seem to forget to apply the technical skills I need to achieve the shot or look I want. Or, rather, I’m too overwhelmed by other stuff to learn them. I’m really looking forward to seeing what I can do with this camera. Thanks again to *you*!

  2. Camels & Chocolate


    1. Lara Dunston

      Thanks – and thanks for your support! :)

  3. Heather Carreiro

    Congrats Lara! I hope you two enjoy it and try not to work (at least not too much) during the vacation.

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