Charcuterie in Krakow, Poland.

Price Check: a Kraków Shopping List


We’re bringing our latest edition in our Price Check series* to you from Poland with our Krakow shopping list, which has been a fun one to research.

We were last in Krakow four years ago on a trip around Central and Eastern Europe and we found it so affordable back then that we decided to stay a while and do some writing. We rented an apartment slap bang in the old centre for three weeks and it was absolutely wonderful.

It was so wonderful, we could have stayed longer except we had to move on and make our way to Greece where we had a guidebook to update. So naturally, we were thrilled to return for Grantourismo.

Aside from its beauty and other attributes, Krakow is a brilliantly affordable destination with its low apartment rental fees, affordable restaurant and drinks prices, cheap prices, and low grocery prices, especially when compared to so many other European cities.

It’s also an easy place to shop. There are 24-hour supermarkets and mini-markets scattered around the city, though mysteriously these weren’t always open 24 hours. There are 24-hour liquor stores on almost every block. These are well and truly open 24 hours!

There are also local markets, though more convenient to us were the well-stocked Carrefour supermarkets (yes, two!) in excellent Galeria Krakowska shopping mall, just a ten-minute walk from our apartment and a quick cab ride back.

You’ll find virtually everything at the Carrefour here that you’ll find at Carrefours all over the world, but you’ll also find plenty of distinctively Polish products: shelves and shelves of gherkins (picked cucumbers), fridges and freezers full of both fresh and frozen pierogi (Polish dumplings) in all kinds of flavours, and plenty of vodka on the shelves of the liquor section!

Our Price Check shopping list for Krakow is slightly skewed as it was for a few other destinations due to high priced items such as wine and pistachios that could easily be replaced by vodka (more commonly drank here; most wine in Poland is imported so expensive) and peanuts or some other kind of snack. Knock those off the list and Krakow could probably be Central Europe’s best value destination.


2 litre water Zł1.40 £0.31 US$0.49
1 litre milk Zł1.90 £0.42 US$0.66
Bottle of local wine Zł15.00 £3.28 US$5.24
330ml beer Zł2.70 £0.59 US$0.94
100g Nescafe Zł8.00 £1.75 US$2.80
250g coffee beans Zł4.40 £0.96 US$1.54
50 tea bags Zł9.70 £2.12 US$3.39
1 kg sugar Zł2.80 £0.61 US$0.98
Jar of jam Zł4.00 £0.88 US$1.40
1 loaf of bread Zł2.20 £0.48 US$0.77
250g quality butter Zł3.90 £0.85 US$1.36
200g cheese Zł3.50 £0.77 US$1.22
500 ml oil Zł13.80 £3.02 US$4.82
1 doz organic eggs Zł5.90 £1.29 US$2.06
1 kilo tomatoes Zł5.95 £1.30 US$2.08
1 kilo onions Zł2.95 £0.65 US$1.03
1 kilo apples Zł4.50 £0.98 US$1.57
250 g pistachios Zł16.00 £3.50 US$5.59
Packet of Pierogi Ruskie Zł3.80 £0.83 US$1.33
Total: Zł112.40 £24.59 US$39.27

* Price Check is a series of posts from every destination we visit where we settle in for a while, that could serve as a shopping list to stock the kitchen at the start of your stay, as well as a cost of living index, giving you an idea as to what things cost in that place. We include some basic items to get you started, plus a local specialty or two from the place.

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  1. Terence Carter

    John, the list isn’t in any order of importance, nor are we advocating that people should buy pistachios in Krakow.
    Mentioning bottled water isn’t strange at all, it’s about comparing prices of common items people buy.
    Many people won’t drink tap water when they travel for a variety of reasons so it’s a valid item to compare between destinations.
    By the way, the literature in our apartment in Krakow advised guests to buy bottled water for drinking – as did everyone we met.
    Thanks for your comment.

  2. Ira

    It does seem quite inexpensive, however I think Berlin could rival Krakow in several positions. It’s almost too cheap for a capital here. Not that I’m complaining.

  3. Danee Gilmartin

    Hi Lara- I’m glad to see more posts promoting Krakow. I was there last spring and I felt the same way- it was so beautiful, the people were so nice and it was so affordable. I did the same thing that you did and I rented an apartment instead of a hotel and wish I had stayed there longer!

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