Budapest Take-Homes: Recycled Retro-Cool Keepsakes. Budapest, Hu

Budapest Take-Homes: Recycled Retro-Cool Keepsakes

It’s rare that I devote an edition of Take-Homes to one shop. In the eleven months of our grand tour, I’ve done it just three times before, in Ceret (La Boheme, a shop keeping traditional Catalan fabric alive), Bali (Threads of Life, a fair-trade textiles and crafts co-op), and San Miguel de Allende (Ave Maria, a chic store that commissions pieces from young designers).

Normally I suggest souvenirs to buy from a handful of shops or markets (see my full Take-Homes series to see what I mean), but I visited cool fashion and accessories boutique Eclectick on my ‘Retro Budapest’ tour with Bálint Horváth from Unique Budapest and I quickly became smitten with this store.

Eclectick stocks funky retro-inspired fashion – clothes, accessories, bags, purses, and jewellery – that isn’t just stylish, but is also homegrown and/or eco-friendly.

The fun things that caught my eye (and also ended up in my bag!) were, pictured above, Eclectick’s own cute retro ‘Buda & Pest’ plastic earrings (which come in a range of colours); Balkan Tango’s recycled tyre-tube purses; and Instant Hungary’s canvas shopping bags – my favourite was the ‘Great Hungary Mustaches’ bag.

More shops, shopping, fashion, and style tips coming up in Dora Henger’s Guide to Budapest Style.

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  1. Sandrine R.

    I’ve always wanted to go to Budapest and now that I read your posts, it’s more than ever on my list!!!
    Too bad I can’t try Terry’s take on Goulash. My mouth is watering just to think of it!

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