Living like Locals: Taking Care of the Cats of Istanbul, Turkey.

Living like Locals: Taking Care of the Cats of Istanbul

How to live like a local in Istanbul tip — Take care of your neighbourhood cats

We should have added ‘cat food’ to the Istanbul shopping list. Because if you’re planning on settling into the city for a while, the first thing you need to do is to adopt a neighbourhood cat or four and leave food out for them.

Everyday, as we explored the streets around our apartment, we would notice the same people leaving out treats for the same neighbourhood cats. Most people leave dry food spread out on newspaper, but the generous soul above spoils his felines with a bag full of fresh meat. Lucky cats!

We got into the habit of saving our leftovers in plastic bags to take with us whenever we went out to leave for some of the skinnier kittens we’d see who obviously hadn’t yet found such generous friends.

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