Nov 11

Watching the ‘Table Cloth’ over Table Mountain, Cape Town

Time lapse of Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa from Gran Tourismo on Vimeo.

Our digs in Camp’s Bay are delightful. While we don’t have commanding views of the Bay, just a few minutes walk from the house, we do have an extraordinary view of Cape Town’s iconic Table Mountain.

The first thing we noticed when we arrived was what the locals call Table Mountain’s ‘table cloth’ of clouds, which is caused by the wind blowing in from the coast and quickly rising as it reaches the mountain, forming the clouds.

The little ‘breeze’ was blowing at around 30mph (48kph), with gusts much higher, when I went to shoot this time lapse, so it’s pretty wonky! Trying to keep a tripod steady in this wind was a task that would require welding equipment. As wind and weather conditions conspired against me, I didn’t get a chance to re-shoot.

At the centre of the frame you should see the spot where the Table Mountain Cable Car lets off its passengers. The view from there is extraordinary, however, I don’t think it was running the day I shot this due to weather conditions.

And the weather is something that everyone talks about in Cape Town – while it’s an increasingly sophisticated city, there is something about the geography of Cape Town that makes the climatic conditions a constant talking point – especially when Table Mountain and its ever-changing ‘table cloth’ is such a landmark in the captivating city.


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  1. Adriana

    fabulous! love the video

    1. Terence Carter

      Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Keith

    How did you do this? Use a mile of tape or an umpty-terabyte memory card?

    1. Terence Carter

      Nah, just a 4gb card. I shoot them as JPEGs not RAW files, so you can fit about 2,000 photos on a card. That buys me about 5 hours of images @ one every 10 seconds.

  3. Jen Laceda

    My calculations say about 1 in every 9 seconds! Just kidding. Loved this time lapse. I think CT is really pretty. Would love to retire here, if I had the opportunity :)

    1. Lara Dunston

      Retire?! What on earth are you thinking about retirement for? You must be tired. ;)

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